An image of Apple Smartwatches.

The Apple watch isn’t obviously suited to gaming because it has a small screen and can only really be controlled by one hand. However due to the massive user base the watch now has, and the very agile medium games have now become; game developers are now starting to work towards providing games suitable for the device.

Some users may believe that it is difficult to play games on smartwatches, but it is definitely now possible. The games are not going to have outstanding graphics or gameplay but they can definitely still serve a purpose in the gaming world and entertain players.

Games have so far played a limited role in smartwatches including the Apple device. The majority of the apps available in the app store for the watch are limited to fitness and convenience applications, which makes sense given the size of the device. However more and more games are now appearing in the market. These games have so far been restricted mainly to those such as simple classics like Sonic Dash, Pac-Man and Tetris and mini versions of other games available for the iPhone.

One type of gaming we may see become more prevalent on the smartwatch are ‘persistent games’ These would be ones that you were technically playing all the time, either alone or with friends, which you check you on your progress when there is a spare second, without the need to pull out the phone or open an app. These might be games that are played by being at certain locations or touching the device at certain times, and will just fit into the every day life of users. These types of games will require the developers to concentrate more on developing games that can create an experience as much in the mind of the user, as on the actual screen.

Two games that are definitely worth trying out on the Apple smartwatch are Cosmos Rings and Rules! Cosmos Rings has been designed by Square Enix and is been talked up as the world’s first RPG exclusive to the Apple Watch. It is a roleplay adventure game, designed within the limitations of the Apple smartwatch and is playable in short bursts or even suitable for longer gameplay on occasions. The Rules! game has a great look to it and the idea is to use the micro puzzle format as a brain trainer gaming tool. The game stores your progress so you can review it and check your statistics whenever you get a chance.

Smartwatches are never going to be the device of choice for gaming but there is no reason why users can’t enjoy playing simple games designed for the device, or simplified version of iPhone games to occupy themselves for a few minutes at a time. In spite of these current limitations, it would not be a surprise to discover that gaming genres like online casino and slots could be smartwatches to their advantage. The online casino industry has a reputation for being very competitive and as a result successful gaming companies like PartyCasino NJ are happy to embrace new technology or opportunities to give them that ‘edge’ and improve customer satisfaction.

Smartphone games are now evolving from ones designed to be played whilst waiting for a drink or a train, to something a lot more complex, therefore the games on smartwatches could serve to replace them. In our opinion, the Apple smartwatch is more than capable of providing gaming to entertain users for a few minutes at a time; and given time, it can become more accommodating to users who want to play all sorts of games.