Apple starts selling refurbished iPhones in the US
Apple starts selling refurbished iPhones in the US

Apple is now selling refurbished iPhones in the US through its online store. Initial thoughts were that this is the first time the iconic company is selling refurbished iPhone but it was later found that Apple had sold refurbished iPhones way back in 2007 – the first year of the iPhone.

Refurbished iPhones will cost 15 percent less compared to the brand new one’s – for example, the refurbished 64GB rose gold iPhone 6S Plus will be sold at $589 and silver 16GB iPhone 6S will be sold for $529.

The company already sells other refurbished products – Macs, iPads, and more. The iPhone joining the league is pretty interesting. The refurbished products from Apple come with one year warranty and the same thing applies for the refurbished iPhones. They come with a new battery and a new body. Also, they are unlocked; the company doesn’t sell refurbished iPhones on contract with the network providers.

Apple has also been trying to push refurbished iPhones in India. But the plan failed due to the lack of agreement between the government of India and the company. In India, Apple devices still account for a very small share of the market; this plan from Apple could be worked out in India, it would surely help the company in capturing a higher market share.

The sales might not have skyrocketed with the sale of refurbished iPhones in India but it surely would put a ding! The iPhone 7 cost $649 in the US which is around Rs. 43,000 but the iPhone 7 is being sold for around $902 (Rs. 60,000) which is pretty high.

Tim Cook on his last visit to India said that, the company is planning to improve its pricing strategy in India and that the company will try to bring down the price of all Apple products to the same price as their US counterparts.