Compared to animal brutality of a 5am Walmart opening, Apple Stores are downright civilized and Black Friday 2014 will be no exception. Most of Apple’s brick n’ mortar retail temples to the finer things in life will open at a reasonable 8am or 9am. Product promotions will likewise be restrained.

While nothing is absolutely certain until Apple says it, AppleInsider reports that most brick n’ mortar Apple Store locations in the US of A will open at 8am or 9am on Friday, November 28.

Moreover, unlike other retailers, including most third-party Apple authorized resellers (ie Best Buy), Apple Store won’t be offering any early bird specials or door busters.

So, although there may be a line outside your local Apple Store, people won’t be fighting to get inside. Again, civilized.

Apple Store Black Friday: Too Civilized?

In 2013, Apple did away with direct cash discounts on its products, replacing them with Apple Store gift cards. Previously, Black Friday Apple Store shoppers could enjoy up to $150 select Macs and $50 off most iPads — no muss, no fuss, just a discount.

We assume Apple will repeat the “success” of last year’s Black Friday Apple gift card giveaway. Here’s Tapscape’s best at what that will look like this year:

• Get a $100 or $150 Apple gift card when purchasing a new Mac
• iPod touch + iPad nano could yield a $50 Apple gift card
• iPod shuffle buyers got a $25 gift card in 2013
• Apple TV buyers got a $25 gift card
• iPad buyers got $50 gift cards last year

So why did Apple drop direct discounts? In a nutshell, everyone who buys a Mac, iPad or iPod with direct discount benefits equally and that’s a dead loss for Apple. However, many of Apple gift cards now gives out won’t be used at all and many will carry a balance to the landfill.

Going with gifts cards instead of direct discounts amount to a win-win for Apple.

What shiny new iThings on your Black Friday Apple Store shopping list?

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