Apple new products

Apple new products

According to KGI Research, there will be eight new Apple products coming out between now and the end of October – this table includes the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has compiled this table and published it, and he believes that the data is correct. The analyst works for KGI Securities, and said this about the chart:

“Our survey shows that Apple will take the wraps off quite a few new products in September and October. From a marketing and sales point of view, too many new products in a short period of time is not a positive thing. An interval of at least two weeks between different products is needed; otherwise the promotional campaign will lack a clear focus and shopping line management will become overly complicated, not good for a satisfactory shopping experience. The good news is that we think Apple is well aware of the situation and is doing what it can to keep each new product’s launch as isolated an event as possible.”

He went on to say that due to problems with component shipping, Apple have had to wait a while before they can release some of their products, bringing them to a tight schedule.

Even though Apple could release all these products after the launch, it seems they are going for their usual two months, September and October, to release most of their new devices.

The table, if to be believed, shows that Apple are going to bring out the iPad Mini as a separate tablet, with the iPad fourth generation coming out earlier in October.

This could be a very clever tactical move for Apple, as they look to hold on to their lead in the ten-inch tablet market, while taking away some of Amazon and Google’s glory on the cheap seven inch models.

The only problem is that the iPad Mini will have to cost no less than $250 to actually turn people away from the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire 2.

We also see that Apple are going to refresh their iPod Nano and Touch into a new generation – we don’t know how successful both of these items will be, but we believe they will once again be innovating the Nano.

A 13″ Retina MacBook Pro is said to be coming out early September, possibly at this Sept 12 event we’ve been hearing about. The smaller Retina MacBook Pro has been rumoured for quite a while, and it isn’t surprising to see it on that list.

Apple seem to be also looking to bring a new generation of Mac’s to their store, which has also been rumoured back in June, even though people pushed it off as the recent Mac’s were not more than six months old.

If Apple intends to bring all these products out, they may be hit tight by the amount they are shipping – at any rate, it is going to be wonderful for their profits.

With people expecting the iPhone 5 to hit $77 billion in revenue for the company alone, the other seven products are bound to bring another $250 billion on top of that.

That would bring Apple up to half-a-trillion in revenue, something no company has amassed.

As they are already branded the “most expensive company in the world”, it would seem that their time is now to shine, and show everyone how to bring a tight schedule to an easy one.

While this report is still not declared correct, we shall see in the coming months if KGI Securities have guessed correctly.

  1. What will Apple do with its new iPod Touch? Apple duped everyone and we now have two years on the making of this. I’ll I know is it can’t get any skinnier, but it better get faster! Seriously, my 4th gen can hardly run iOS 5 and Apple thinks its capable of 6.

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