Apple has tweaked the prices for hundreds of App Store applications as part of an international update, with slightly raised prices in the UK and lowered costs in Australia.

Pocket Gamer has reported app prices increasing on a sliding scale. The UK equivalent of 99 cent apps have gone up from 59p to 69p, apps previously £1.19 are now £1.49, and on the more expensive end of the spectrum, £9.49 apps are now £10.99. Interestingly enough, Australian app prices have apparently gone down — 99 cent equivalent apps, including Rovio Mobile’s Angry Birds, have gone down from $1.19 to $0.99.

The pricing changes came as part of Wednesday’s scheduled maintenance on the iTunes Connect service. Apple’s maintenance announcement specifically mentioned App Store prices for Mexico, Switzerland, Japan, and Norway in addition to the countries mentioned above.

Sources say Apple plans to adjust its international hardware pricing to make up for the lower U.S. dollar.