With a “Taptic” not haptic user interface and feedback. Are you ready to send your heartbeat to your significant other? Yes, the Apple Watch has a killer feature and it is designed to touch your heart. What else? All of those things and more, plus Apple Pay, too.

As some predicted, the price is $349 and the Apple Watch — not iWatch — will ship “early next year,” also as Tapscape predicted.

The Apple Watch will be available in two sizes. Apple is also offering a lot of band choices in metal, leather and sport (plastic), which will go a long, long way toward differentiating the experience for individual users.

Match those choices with scores of user configurable watch faces and home screens. With Apple Watch, the mothership is bending over backward and around again to make the device experience to be extremely user customizable, perhaps to a fault.


Which color, face and band combinations appeal most to you?

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As expected, health and fitness functionality are built in. Integrated sensors can tell if you’re sitting, moving, running and where (GSP) you’re moving. Set up a fitness plan and count your steps, Apple Watch will follow it all.

While Apple Watch requires iPhone, but you can use with older iPhone not just iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus — kudos for that.


Although the actual Apple Watch is a little chunky, likely a battery related compromise, the number of choices vis-a-vis customization are truly impressive.


Apple Watch with Apple Pay, in addition to that super nifty heartbeat feature, could very well be a super super killer feature. Therein, on the Apple Watch, Apple Pay works when you have the device on in contact with your skin and input a pin number.

When the Apple Watch loses contact with your skin, Apple Pay will stop functioning until you put the device back on and input another pin number, smart.

I’m looking forward to hoping my front door, starting my car and paying for everything with AppleWatch.

Tim Cook and Apple didn’t disappoint today. They really hint all of the high points…

What’s your take?

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  1. 350$ to charge the battery everyday, no thank you. With my regular watch I don’t need to do this. I would consider a smart watch when the battery will last at least 4- 5 days and will bring more features than a mini phone. Plus I would hate that everyone has the same watch.

  2. Pretty ordinary styling, not ugly, just uninspired and a little awkward. Not up to Apple’s standard of recent years.

  3. Who said it will require charging every day? Certainly not Apple. Some silly blogger or pundit opened his mouth and monkeys flew out and now you’re quoting him… tsk, tsk!

  4. Tim Cook hinted that information during the presentation
    If battery performance were good he would have say something different.
    They also forgot to mention that Walmart, 7-Eleven, Best Buy, Darden Restaurants, Shell Oil and probably others to come will not use Apple Pay. At least with my regular bank card I don’t need multiple cards to pay.

    Your monkey, tsk, tsk!

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