Apple just recently revealed its quarterly earnings and it showed huge numbers. It appears that Apple has sold a massive number of iPhones in December, 74.5 million to be specific, which cements it as its new sky-high record.

Aside from this revelation, an important announcement was made by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook via follow-up conference call. He announced that the Apple Watch is “right on schedule” and units will start shipping by April.

He said, “My expectations are very high on it. I’m using it every day and love it and can’t live without it.” He also mentioned that the number of developers creating apps for the said smart watch is “impressive.” He also added that Apple is “seeing some incredible innovation.”

Apple Watch Availability

What to Expect?

Since Apple is best known for its innovation, consumers have high hopes and expectations for this upcoming wearable. With that said, many rumors have already surfaced about it since its formal announcement in September.

Initially, the Apple Watch was rumored to start shipping by March. We know now that it will start shipping a month after, on April, which is not too long a wait.

The Apple Watch is reported to have an excellent battery life, something we have yet to see on smart watches, let alone mobile devices. Reports mentioned that it will have about 19 hours of battery life on “mixed use.” It was also claimed that it will have about 2.5 hours of battery life on active use, which is not stellar if true. If it will be just 2.5 hours then users will definitely be charging it three to four times during the day.

However, since this is Apple’s first take on smart watches, there is probably a lot more improvements to expect in future iterations. It still has a huge room for improvement.

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Via: Mashable; Image credit: Associated Press