New or the old MacBook Air?
New or the old MacBook Air?

MacBook Air is considered as one of the most innovative product as it introduced a completely new form factor in the notebook category. It competed with the likes of Sony and various other laptop manufacturers’ laptops that were considered thin and light when it released.

Windows laptops weren’t exactly thin and light when compared to the MacBook Air even though they were considered so. The Air was very forward thinking for its time, as a result, it received mixed opinions by top tech reviewers of the time. Nonetheless. Apple hasn’t been able to keep the MacBook Air upto date. One of the reason would be its love for the new MacBook which tries to do what the Air did in its time.

Last major upgrade the MacBook Air received was way back in 2015, and in 2017, the company made a tiny CPU upgrade. These aren’t substantial upgrades considering the fact that the company kept the same price tag.

According to various sources, this year will be different for the MacBook Air. The company will reportedly release an under the hood updated Air machine while making it way cheaper compared to the current price.

The company will likely pack a faster CPU, increased amount of RAM, newer and faster USB-C ports. The display probably won’t be upgraded and it is expected to stick to its current 1440p resolution. It would be better if a newer display makes its way to the MacBook Air but that would mean an increased price tag.

Also, in terms of design, it won’t be radically different. The company could remove the glowing Apple logo and place an aluminium logo instead, lining the MacBook Air along with its other laptops.

All these improvements sound very interesting considering the fact that the MacBook Air is already a good machine except for its price which is expected to change.