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We recently reported that if you were one of the users, like myself, that were experiencing issues with sending and receiving emails, together with problems with Gmail syncing, in the new Mavericks Mail App, then the good news was Apple were aware of the issue and working on a fix.

apple mail

The fix was originally deployed to users as part of the AppleSeed program, together with internal employees for testing. Apple have now made the Mail Update for Mavericks OS X available to developers outside of the AppleSeed community for further testing. The next step after this release would be a public update available in the Mac App Store.

Apple Mavericks OS X Mail Update

Apple is asking developers to focus on three main areas with the latest build: Mail compatibility with Gmail, Mail smart mailboxes and Mail stability.

Apple has offered little in the way of explanations regarding why people are experiencing the issues, but have been quite quick in admitting there is an issue and clarifies that the update “improves stability and compatibility with Gmail, and includes fixes for users with custom Gmail settings”.

With what Apple are asking to developers to focus on, it would seem Apple have managed to resolve the Microsoft Exchange issues that were highlighted during the AppleSeed testing, since it is no longer of focus. The support thread on the Apple Support forums is now at over 20,500 views.

Apple are yet to specify when the update will be available to the public for download, but now it has been released to developers it shouldn’t be too long to wait before we see it appear in the Mac App Store.

As always, let us know if you are experiencing any issues with sending or receiving mail, or most importantly Gmail syncing and folder behaviour in the new Mavericks OS X Mail Update.

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