Apple's Mysterious iWatch May Be In Production

Apple's Mysterious iWatch May Be In ProductionProduction of the Apple iWatch has reportedly begun already, according to sources along the company’s Asian supply chain. On Tuesday, China Times reported that the production had begun and that right now, SiP (system-in-a-package) modules are being worked on. The SiP modules contain all of the major components for a wearable device, such as the processor, DRAM, and memory.

The Chinese report states that the iWatch may be ready as soon as the second quarter of this year, just in time to compete with other smartwatches featuring Google’s Android Wear operating system.

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Release date and price rumors surrounding the Apple iWatch have been abundant, so the most important takeaway from this report is that the wearable will use SiP modules rather than traditional circuit boards.

Unlike other circuit boards, the smaller size of SiP modules and their effectiveness have made them a perfect option for MP3 players and even some phones.

As for who will be producing the modules, China Times reports that Kinsus Interconnect Technology, NanyaPCB, and ASE group are the ones working on that part of the iWatch. However, once new information regarding displays and other components comes out, we should have a better idea of how many companies are involved in the production.

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Other sources had told China Times that Apple is looking to ship an impressive 2.5 to 3 million units in the second quarter alone. After that, production will be boosted and reach as much as 15 million in the third quarter of this year. With those production and sales projections, it is obvious that Apple thinks the iWatch will be a global hit. Assuming that it is at a fair price point to compete with other Android Wear smartwatches, that could definitely be true.

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Summary: Apple’s iWatch is reportedly in production already and is headed for a release later this year. The iWatch will use SiP modules for its processing power, memory, and DRAM.

image credit: macrumors

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