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AppZapp is an iPhone app developed by ConIT AG. If you love to bargain hunt for apps, AppZapp will help you monitor app prices and never miss out on buying an app on sale again.

The apps on the App Store can go on sale for seemingly no reason. Many apps go on sale to celebrate the launch of a new game, or a holiday…but other times, they go on sale “just because.” AppZap lets users know about price drops via their choice of email or Push notifications.

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One thing that separates AppZapp from all of the other “price watcher” apps that are currently available is its sense of community. The developers of AppZapp are very proud of their community, where users can get tips on cool new games they need to try and talk with other users.

If you want a more communal bargain hunting experience, AppZapp would be a better choice than most of the other apps in this same genre. I especially like the way you can browse apps by what recently went free. There’s a ton of great stats as well, from who in the community likes the app, to its overall price history.

appzap iphone appappzap iphone app

AppZapp has a lovely interface (which can be cleaned up by paying 99 cents to remove the ads.) In addition to the free version, AppZapp also comes in some other “flavors” for your iOS devices: AppZapp Pro (99 cents), AppZapp HD (free), and AppZap HD Pro (99 cents).

The difference between the free and pro version is that you can set a price alert to an App by price tier ($0.99 or less), and you can also translate the community comments with one click into your language.

Between the cost of the phone and the monthly phone payments, owning an iPhone is expensive. If you hate paying full-price for apps, AppZapp can help you save a little bit of money by ensuring that when you shop, you shop smart.

AppZapp is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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