Arctic Bearz An integrated one-of-a-kind firm ensuring that polar bears are here to stay

Striving hard to create a positive impact and contribute to society in many ways is Arctic Bearz.

Each sector is busy in creating their own sound finance. Where one company comes-up with a unique motive to save Polar Bears. As it’s turning into the most endangered animal – Arctic Bearz.

How Arctic Bears work:

First let’s understand the NFT – non-fungible token is a digital asset that represents a real-world object. NFTs are bought and sold online using cryptocurrency. The NFT helps endangered animals and their client’s crypto wallet. The project enhances climate change and the species it is endangering starting with Polar Bearz. They donate portions of the revenue for adopting and sponsoring vulnerable Polar Bearz. The first 100 Arctic Bearz holders receiving an adoption pack for a polar bear.

Establishment and Stages:

Arctic Bearz are now established across the globe with the help of social platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Discord and many more. The marketing campaign monitors its exploration taking place globally. And have also achieved the desired output. 3500 Arctic Bearz are born into existence and ready to take over.

Their first stage ‘Icy Glaciers’ will work on future demand and build a community for their project and focus on the longevity of this NFT.

After conquering the first stage they will work on their second stage that is ‘Sea Ice’ where they will work on integration of the project within Immutable X, which makes their project absolutely unique. As their 100 originals and then will be extended 400 WL spots will be opened to all early members, active members, Twitch live stream winners and much more. NFT Early Bird Pre-Sale and then Public Launch will go Live.

The third stage is Tundra: It’s a Polar bear adoption pack which is distributed into the community each month. A DAO is made up of verified Arctic Bear holders who have shown desire to support and growth of Arctic Bearz. 5% of all proceeds from the mint launch will be donated to our partnering charity that supports and helps the endangerment of polar bears.

The fourth stage is The Snowy Peaks. It’s a launch of their female polar bears NFT. In which early adopters are rewarded and converted into the biggest crypto giveaway. The fifth stage is The Atlantic Shift in which they develop, advertising and releasing their own Arctic Bearz Merchandise which will be linked to a custom shop built into the website. Where all the products are made from sustainable materials with 25% of all proceeds going to WWF charity.

The Arctic Bearz works with the only motive to create a unique collection of polar bears for everyone to enjoy while donating 5% of proceeds to the beloved WWF foundation to help and save polar bears. Which is creating a tremendous positive impact in the NFT community whilst helping a cause that needs some serious response!

– Opening of an online gallery!

– Discord community giveaways!

We will continue working closely with our Arctic Bearz NFT holders throughout the next stages of our roadmap to improve and expand throughout! We will have more calls and more group discussions to make sure everyone is involved as a community.

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