ArkMC Pro iOS app

ArkMC Pro wireless media streaming server and video player is an app from developer Arkuda Digital which does just that – streams and plays all your media to a range of devices.

ArkMC Pro takes advantage of UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) or its cousin DLNA to allow different devices on your Wi-Fi network to discover one another to allow for streaming from your mobile device (iPhone or iPad) to a ton of display options – HD TV, Mac/PC or gaming console. This allows for media located on your mobile to stream directly to your display with no need for transferring or downloading files first.



ArkMC Pro recognises all your stored media and neatly breaks down music, movies/videos and photos in to different folders. You can download media, particularly movies, to your Documents folder and watch them on your mobile device using the built-in player (or stream them to a display). The media player supports a huge number of the most commonly encountered file formats including 3GP, AVI, WMV, ASF, MP4, MKV, MPG/MPEG, TS, M2TS, 3GP, VOB, FLV, MOV and M4V. A wide variety of audio formats are likewise supported – including Dolby Digital Plus, for an additional in-app purchase. For those who watch foreign language films there’s also built-in subtitle functionality.

The whole process of downloading, accessing and playing media is simple and straightforward with only a few taps involved. The interface is clean and easy to navigate.

arkmc-4 arkmc-1

ArkMC Pro also features smart YouTube integration with one of the permanent nav-bar items taking you straight to a list of popular YouTube channels to watch either on your device or an external display.

Taken all together, ArkMC Pro has the depth of features and ease-of-use to support its $5.99 price-tag and should earn it a place on your iOS device.

ArkMC Pro requires iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.