Atari-Themed Hotels to Open Soon?

Avid fans of old-school gaming and enthusiastic new players who haven’t had the chance to try out these incredible games back in the day can now take a trip to the good old times with miniature re-releases of popular 20th-century gaming consoles. So, systems like Sega Genesis Mini, NES Classic, and SNES Classic are commonly seen today, and players can even enjoy classic Sega games on their smartphones.

With the old gang back together, Atari has decided to step it up and introduce a whole new gaming experience to its loyal fans. Earlier this year, the legendary gaming company introduced plans for eight Atari hotels to be opened in the USA. GSD Group and True North Productions have acquired the necessary licenses to start breaking ground for the first hotel in Phoenix, Arizona.

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More Than a Trip Down Memory Lane

As construction still hasn’t started, we haven’t heard a lot of talk about the appearance of these hotels or the features they will include. However, all involved parties hope that these hotels will become a permanent rest stop for all devoted fans of theclassic Atari games.

What we do know is that the hotel will provide both AR and VR experiences to its guests, as well as entirely immersive experiences for all age groups. Moreover, Atari hotels have offered to host multiple esports events once they open.

Aside from the full gaming treatment, guests will have access to other amenities found in regular hotels, such as restaurants, bars, conference rooms, co-working spaces, gyms, and movie theaters. Hence, Atari hotels will represent perfect getaway vacation spots for devoted gamers.

Gaming Giant Hopes to Get Back on Track

Atari needs a win after the debacle that was the failed release of the Atari VCS. Atari VCS was advertised as a retro console filled with classic Atari games. However, the project was deemed a failure as the company missed many shipping deadlines.

Nonetheless, missing a few deadlines was the least of the company’s worries as there were repeated problems during the development process. What makes the whole project worse is that it was funded with the help of the fans through an Indiegogo crowdfunding project in 2018.

Fans were disappointed, to say the least, as it has been over a year since Atari was supposed to release the long-promised retro console. So, it is understandable that the fans feel a bit skeptical about the plans for eight new Atari hotels in the USA.

If Atari, GSD Group and True North Productions manage to fulfill their plans and deadlines, the first hotel will open in Phoenix in a few years. This is still an assumption, however, as no official dates have been announced.

Aside from Arizona, new hotels will open in other cities along the West Coast, such as San Francisco, San Jose, and Seattle. Other cities include Las Vegas, Denver, Austin, and Chicago. Unfortunately, there are currently no plans for Atari-themed hotels on the West coast.

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