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We all have those lovely moments on some of our days when we come across something inspiring. Wether it be a quote you read on the internet or a moving video send to you by a relative—sometimes we wish these things would come to us in a more gathered, organized way.

Today I got the chance to check out Audvisor by Audvisor Inc, an app that seems to do just this. So if you’re lookin for a little bit more advice and inspiration in your life, is Audvisor an app for you? Read on to find out!

Tabs of inspiration

Upon launching Audvisor I was immediately greeted with a quick guide on how to get around in the app. An intuitive and well-designed interface led me to browsing the categories at hand and before I really knew what the app was about, I was listening to a great speech by an expert on marketing.

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You see Audvisor is specifically designed to let you browse through well thought out categories and topics that are important in life, giving you the absolute best and most profound speeches in their designated area. From becoming a great leader to capitalizing on social media—Audvisor is an incredible tool to get a little more light in your life.

Expert in content and quality

It’s not just the speeches themselves that are of great quality, the audio and playback system in Audvisor works terrific and the application is incredibly responsive to your current needs. Liked a specific speech of an author? Browse through the expert tabs to find this person and listen to all speeches offered.

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I must mention that the speeches are limited to around three minutes, sometimes quitting on you right at the moment when you really get into the feel. Other times, however, it is this short duration that makes the speeches so compact and powerful.

Our conclusion

Audvisor Inc has done a terrific job with Audvisor, bringing inspiration to young and old in the digital age. Icing on the cake? It’s completely free, so there simply isn’t a reason you shouldn’t give Audvisor a spin.

If I had to mention something that I think needs improvement it’s the amount of categories available. Even though there is enough solid content here for a lot of people, Audvisor would do well expanding their amount of speeches on subjects. It still leans a little more towards young entrepreneurs, which is why I think more general spirit lifters would be very well placed.

Audvisor requires iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod

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