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iTeacherBook iPhone App Review

iTeacherBook App

[app url=”″] Introduction Even though summer vacation might still last a while longer, some teachers out there will have to start preparing for the next year already. It can be hard dealing with a new class, new people, maybe even teaching a new subject and so on. Maybe there’s a …

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Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! iPhone App Review

Virtual Tennis App

[app url=”!/id900850879?mt=8″] Introduction It can be great going out the door and playing some sports, but sometimes you just want to stay inside instead and curl up with your favorite games. If you still want to feel like you’re doing something active, well, we got an app for you that …

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Disco Run iPhone App Review

Disco Run App

[app url=”!/id964143484?ls=1&mt=8″] Introduction From Temple Run to Subway Surfers—we’ve seen a lot of games in this genre and for good reason. They’re really fun! Today we’re featuring another app that’s designed with the same mechanics, but this one does stand out with some great features and a much more musical …

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Battery Forecaster 2 iPhone App Review

Battery Forecaster 2

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing that’s frustrating, it’s when your phone is about to die. Even after charging up your phone to full battery it can sometimes happen that your phone is completely depleted of energy within a couple hours. Of course it’s always smart to keep close …

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Buckitdream iPhone App Review

Buckitdream App

[app url=”″] Introduction We’ve truly seen a surge of social networks for iPhones and iPads, from video communities to social games—I think it’s wonderful there is still so much inspiration for people to get closer together. If there’s a thing that social networks like Facebook and Instagram have given us …

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VisaPort iPhone App Review

VisaPort App

[app url=”″] Introduction Going on vacation is a great thing, but it can be a great nuissance getting all your things in order. Especially when visiting other continents or need to fix additional files for getting over there, it would be great if there was an easier way to manage …

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Packing Pro iPhone App Review

Packing Pro App

[app url=”″] Introduction For the most part everyone loves to take a good vacation or travel around, but we all know those sudden rushes of fear just after departure that make us realize we just might have forget something. It’s funny that no matter how much time you take to …

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