Tribe App

Tribe iPhone App Review

Introduction It’s a fact that nowadays social media has become a big part of our lives. We share everything as long as it’s acceptable but I for one wish there…

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Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro Product Review

Introduction Had a nice long summer vacation somewhere and just returned home? One of the best things about getting back is of course uploading your photos to your computer and…

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iTeacherBook App

iTeacherBook iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Even though summer vacation might still last a while longer, some teachers out there will have to start preparing for the next year already. It can be…

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Virtual Tennis App

Virtual Tennis – Hit The Ball! iPhone App Review

[app url=”!/id900850879?mt=8″] Introduction It can be great going out the door and playing some sports, but sometimes you just want to stay inside instead and curl up with your favorite…

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Game It App

Game It iPhone App

[app url=”″] Introduction While there are a lot of trivia apps around, there are few that are as rewarding and as fun as Game It. Designed for the customer and…

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Disco Run App

Disco Run iPhone App Review

[app url=”!/id964143484?ls=1&mt=8″] Introduction From Temple Run to Subway Surfers—we’ve seen a lot of games in this genre and for good reason. They’re really fun! Today we’re featuring another app that’s…

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Battery Forecaster 2

Battery Forecaster 2 iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction If there’s one thing that’s frustrating, it’s when your phone is about to die. Even after charging up your phone to full battery it can sometimes happen…

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Buckitdream App

Buckitdream iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction We’ve truly seen a surge of social networks for iPhones and iPads, from video communities to social games—I think it’s wonderful there is still so much inspiration…

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VisaPort App

VisaPort iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction Going on vacation is a great thing, but it can be a great nuissance getting all your things in order. Especially when visiting other continents or need…

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Packing Pro App

Packing Pro iPhone App Review

[app url=”″] Introduction For the most part everyone loves to take a good vacation or travel around, but we all know those sudden rushes of fear just after departure that…

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