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Baidu Browser, developed by Baidu Inc, promises to provide a unique mobile browsing experience with quick and convenient access to content and resources. On launching Baidu Browser, instantly it’s evident how quick the App is and how good the interface looks.

Baidu Browser utilizes Baidu’s proprietary T5 engine to significantly speed up page rendering which Baidu claim is up to 30% quicker, and I have to say that it does seem noticeable when browsing my regular pages, load times seemed significantly quicker.

Screenshot_2014-03-12-20-45-10 Screenshot_2014-03-12-20-45-18

Baidu Browser 3.0 includes these key features:

· Quick-View Content – Choose the news and photos you want to automatically appear on Baidu Browser’s content dashboard.

· Multiple Languages – Available in English, Portuguese, Indonesian, Thai, Arabic, Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Korean and Turkish.

· Powerful Desktop Widget – Baidu Browser includes a customizable desktop widget that lets you jump to your favorite webpages, search engines and more.

· Navigation Gestures – Baidu Browser has built-in support for multi-tab browsing, scrolling, and page opening and closing with two fingers.

· Full-Screen Browsing – Baidu Browser automatically hides and shows the address bar and toolbar, so you can enjoy more browsing space.

Screenshot_2014-03-12-20-45-29 Screenshot_2014-03-12-20-46-23

For a free browser, Baidu Browser is an extremely solid and good looking App. I did notice some page rendering issues with some websites, especially the Tapscape website which seemed to not correctly pick up the mobile theme and scale it correctly.

I also found some issues with HTML5 videos not working, but overall the experience was pleasant, and it is a very quick website browser.

Baidu Browser is available for free on the Google Play Store.

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