Price: Free     Score: 8/10      Category: Games

Games have always been somewhat of a sore point for me on Android, and especially social games, so coming from iOS where the gaming community is thriving, I was somewhat sceptical since my early days with Android and the Nexus One. I recently downloaded Battlefriends At Sea by Tequila Mobile and I was pleasantly surprised.

battlefriends at sea

The App is the good ole fashion battleship type game, where players must position their fleet of ships in a grid and then fire missiles at the opponents grid to try and hit their ships and eventually sink them. The game is very straightforward, but it’s Battlefriends at Sea’s execution of this simple concept that is incredibly impressive.

battlefriends at sea

Battlefriends At Sea starts off by hooking into Facebook to pull similar friends who are also playing the game in for battle. This is accompanied by a series of options to add friends not on Facebook, or select a random opponent for some instant fun. With an opponent selected, the fun can begin by positioning your ships in your strategic positions. There is an option to do this automatically and randomly or manually for more precision.

What comes next is what I love about the game; the firing. A great animation sees a missile fly through the air from your opponent to land somewhere in your grid and hopefully not on one of your ships, biting your nails as it slowly sails through the air.

battlefriends at sea gameplay

With the hit or miss established, and you either crying in your hands and shouting in relief, it’s your turn to dish some punishment to your opponent. The attack mechanism follows the same intuitive controls as experienced already, with a simple tap and drag to lock in the 1×1 grid position you wish to attack, and release to fire.

battlefriends at sea aim

battlefriends at sea hit

If you’re awesome like me and get a hit, then you get another go until you miss. Simply hit all ships within the grid and you are the winner.

Battlefriends At Sea implements a few more features that veteran Battleship players may not be familiar with, such as a Sonar, daily rewards, and gold to use on shields or better weapons.

Overall, Battlefriends At Sea is an incredibly fun game, that takes a classic game and brings it into the 21st Century to enjoy with your friends through the power of social networks, anywhere in the world thanks to Android. Oh, and best of all, it’s free! Of course, there are in-app purchases for those who want to buy more gold for upgrades, but I found the game suitably playable without putting any money in. The only negative point I have about the game is that it doesn’t allows give notifications whilst out of the app that it’s your turn, which can be frustrating at times and lead to extended waiting times between turns, but this is the only reason it is not 10/10.

Hit the download link now to get it.