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Day by day, we carry out a long list of activities, and that is why to break with the routine, we need a moment of relaxation, fun and adrenaline. This can be achieved anywhere, and at any time, it is enough that you have a good internet connection and a mobile device where you can enter the best online casinos that you will find in, including online baccarat.

In online casinos such as casino 888, you can spend hours of fun with various casino games such as poker, slots, bingo, baccarat and blackjack. You can find a large number of variants of these games. The fun will not end if you allow yourself to know the online casinos. 

Now we will talk about online baccarat, which also has different game variants: “punto y banca”, baccarat chemin de fer (chemmy) and baccarat Banque “(deux tableaux), superpan 9 and three card baccarat. Being the card game of choice, it could not be missing in online casinos so that you have the opportunity to play whenever you decide from the comfort of your home; you won’t have to leave home.

The variants or types of baccarat

Here are the main aspects of the online baccarat game variants:

  • Banking Point. It is the most popular version of online casinos. The name comes from two hands in the game: “point” is the player and “bank” is the banker. Here the dealer deals two cards to each hand. 
  • Super Pan 9. It is most popular in the United States. A limited deck of 36 cards is used from 6 to Ace, and players receive 3 cards with the possibility of one more card.
  • Chemin de fer. There are two players to whom the dealer deals two cards. If the two cards’ sum is less than 5, it is possible to ask for an extra card. 
  • Three Card Baccarat. The main characteristic is that it is played with a deck. 3 cards are dealt with each player. The hand that hits three face cards win. 
  • Baccarat en Banque. There are three players here who are dealt 2 cards with the possibility of asking for an extra card. 
  • Ez Baccarat. There are three figures: the player, the bank and the dealer. The latter deals with 2 cards to the players, and there is no commission for the bank.

The goal of baccarat

Baccarat or online baccarat is a French card game in which 4 to 8 decks with 52 cards are used. It is very similar to blackjack, but you must land a hand of 9 or a close number here. If you go over those values, ​​you automatically lose.

The rules of the online baccarat game

We will explain the rules of the Punto Banca game since it is the most famous and the most common in online casinos. 

The rules for playing baccarat online are very simple for anyone, even if you’ve never played before. The first thing you have to know is that there are two protagonists of the game: the player and the banker, but in the online version, you will always play against the bank (or online casino).

The player and the bank are dealt with two cards with the possibility of having a third according to the cards they have in their hands. But how can you ask for one more card for your game? Before answering that question, it is important to explain an essential term in the game of online baccarat: stand, which means that you cannot ask for more cards, and your hand is the final one. 

For you to be able to ask for an additional card from his hand, the sum of the cards must be 5 or less. But in the cases in which the score of both is 8 or 9, then both have to consider. If a user gets a score of 6 or 7, he stands.

Now, if as a player you manage to ask for a third card, then the rules of the game change:

  • When the sum of the cards belonging to the bank is 3, you can ask for a card, as long as you do not have an 8 on your third card.
  • In the event that the banker has a 5, he will take a third card as long as your third card is a 4, 5, 6, or 7.
  • If the dealer has a 6, he can take a third card if your third card is a 6 or 7.
  • If the bank gets a 7, it stands.

The value of the cards

Unlike blackjack, where the aces in the deck can change in value from 1 to 11 depending on what suits the player to win, in baccarat, the cards’ value is fixed throughout the game.

  • Cards “A” is worth 1
  • Cards “J” are worth 0
  • The letters “K” are worth 0
  • The “Q” cards are worth 0
  • Cards “10” are worth 0

The rest of the cards in the deck have the same value as indicated. You should also know that when the sum of the cards is greater than two digits in baccarat, only the number on the right is taken into account. For example: if the dealer’s hand is 16, you actually only have a 6.

How online baccarat betting work

Online casinos offer you to play online for free and for real money baccarat. If your goal is to earn money playing and having fun, you should definitely play by betting money. It will be a unique experience.

To play, you must be aware of the type of bets you can make. The bets are related to predicting who will have the best hand so that you can place a bet on the player, the dealer or a draw.

Payment of bets

Paying bets in online baccarat is very simple. If the dealer wins, bettors are paid a ratio of 1 to 1 minus the room commission.

In the event that the player or point wins, those who have bet on him charge a ratio of 1 to 1. If those who bet on a tie between the bank and the player win, they charge 8 times the amount wagered and the other bettors will recover their investment. With this information, put your knowledge to the test and dare to play at the online casinos that expert gamblers recommend. Find the best bonuses to start earning money while having fun at the same time by playing online baccarat

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