Becoming A Crypto Millionaire

Cryptocurrency has only been around for a decade or so, however, in just a decade it has created thousands of millionaires and even dozens of billionaires as well. The industry is worth around $1.5 trillion and based on the numbers it is one of the biggest industries by market cap in the world. There are multiple people in the crypto space that have made their money from crypto within a very short amount of time. This not only includes the bitcoin millionaires that invest early in bitcoin, no. There are multiple others who got rich off of other cryptos, their belief and the right step at the right time took their investment to an epic status.

The timing in crypto is important, if you had invested $1000 in bitcoin in 2010 you would have more than $287 million today. Similarly if you had invested $1000 in bitcoin in 2015 you would have an investment of $20,000 now, which may seem like bad in front of the $287 million but it is still the kind of return you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else in the world in any asset class or business. The point being that the ship hasn’t sailed yet, on the contrary the industry still has potential to create hundreds of thousands of millionaires, you just need to believe in it and invest.

Becoming a crypto millionaire is not about luck, but about belief. When bitcoin came out in 2009 it was evident that the future will be digital and blockchain, however, some believed in it some didn’t. Some invested some didn’t. The ones who invested have had a million time return on their investment while the others are still non-believers. To be a part of history you don’t need to be the torchbearer you just need to be on the right side. You just need to believe that the potential of crypto has not been reached yet and there is still growth left and you will make millions.

Making money in crypto is not complex, understanding the fundamentals of the crypto world is simple once you get into it. From there on it is all about how patient you are. 99% of the millionaires in crypto made their money by holding the coins long term and that is the only strategy that will make you a millionaire and it has been proven time and time again.

However, you must be cautious about the security in the crypto world, being a digital only world it is susceptible to ransomware and hacking attacks thus it is important to keep your investments safe. One key way is to invest your money through a respectable company, like the Green World Bank which has been created for the sole purpose of these digital assets to be traded. The bank offers you to connect your bank account with multiple exchanges and wallets to make your investments easier and safer.