BeeLine iPad Game

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BeeLine is an iPad Game developed by Twiddle Games/Monkey Byte Development, LLC. This fun, turn-based game revolves around a game board populated by hexagons.

The gameplay in BeeLine is pretty straightforward. You want to place lines around each side of the hexagons on the board. If you complete the full outline of a hexagon, you score points. However, you do need to avoid bombs and secure treasure, which makes things more complicated than you might assume at first glance.

BeeLine iPad GameBeeLine iPad Game

When you first start up BeeLine, you can log in/register to play across multiple devices and get Twiddle Games account benefits. If you want to bypass all that, you can just log in as a guest. However, you will need an account in order to access the buddy list feature.

From there, you can play on three various settings: worker, drone, and queen. The modes increase in difficulty, with each getting progressively more hexagons on the board.

BeeLine iPad GameBeeLine iPad Game

There’s a big problem with this game when played in guest mode: you aren’t allowed to have multiple games going at the same time. If you start a game on the “worker” setting, that’s the only game on “worker” mode that you can play. If you are in the mood to play this game for a long stretch of time, being limited to one opponent at a time is a bummer.

Compounding the problem is the fact that you have to unlock drone and queen modes. These factors combine in such a way that this fun strategy game can feel really slow at times, at least in guest mode.

Overall, BeeLine’s hexagon puzzles are fun and challenging. I’m usually a big fan of turn-based games that you play with real opponents, but this fun title does occasionally drag because of the inability to have multiple games going. It’s hard to get the hang of a game that plays out this slowly.

BeeLine is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.