Beeline review A Complete Payment Solution

Beeline is a communications service and digital e-wallet brand used primarily in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The CIS comprises 11 countries, including Ukraine, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Beeline belongs to VEON Armenia, a multinational telecommunications company. This foundation gives Beeline subscribers access to more services beyond virtual shopping and gaming. 

About E-wallets 

Digital wallets have raised the popularity of virtual gaming. Online gaming is now accessible to both occasional and avid players. It’s made financial transactions easy and secure. Players no longer have to expose personal information when registering on websites. Gamers can play and pay using the same portable device. Merchant sites have adapted to e-wallets because they use standardized banking methods and reduce fraud overall. Integrations of e-wallets with gaming websites are seamless, giving players a problem-free experience.  

Beeline’s BeeMoney E-wallet App 

Beeline offers calling, texting, and internet service. It acts as a payment gateway through mobile devices where VEON customers use their mobile number as their primary identification. Subscribers need to download the BeeMoney e-wallet app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store to enjoy their services. Using the app, customers can complete a broad range of financial tasks:

  • Paying for merchandise and services at cafes, shops, and restaurants.
  • Using BeeMoney, customers can transfer money to other e-wallets like Webmoney, Yandex Money, and QIWI.
  • Players can load funds into gaming accounts. Some transactions are limited based on the player’s Beeline account status.
  • Customers can make transfers from BeeMoney to their bank accounts. The bank must support or be affiliated with Beeline.
  • Subscribers can use EasyPay kiosks to add funds to their BeeMoney account.
  • BeeMoney can be used to pay for utilities, recurring bills, loans, and other household bills.
  • Subscribers can review past transaction history.
  • Customers can send money to other Beeline customers.
  • Beeline customers are not charged fees or commissions on transactions.

Casino Funding 

Using Beeline for online casino games isn’t complicated. After registering a new casino account, you’ll need to deposit funds. To do so, click on the Deposit tab or page. Choose Beeline or BeeMoney from the list of mobile payment choices. You will be prompted to enter your ID, which in this case, is your phone number. Input the amount you wish to transfer from your e-wallet and confirm that you want to continue with the transaction. Your deposited funds will appear in your account immediately.

If Beeline is not listed as a funding choice, it’s likely because the service is not authorized to operate in your country. As a workaround, you may transfer money from Beeline to another service like Webmoney. You can then use Webmoney to fund your casino account. Most casinos allow funding using bank cards and direct transfers. 

The ability to make withdrawals using BeeMoney is dependent on the casino. Some Beeline casinos allow withdrawals, while some do not. Players can use other methods to transfer funds out. They can use an e-check, bank to bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, credit cards, debit cards, or a supported e-wallet like PayPal or Neteller. Players should expect withdrawals to take two to three business days.  

Bonuses and Rewards 

Many casinos reward e-wallet deposits with generous bonuses, which can be spins or free turns. Casinos use bonuses to encourage and reward players. Some great examples of these rewards include:  

  • Loyalty bonuses for longtime players
  • Welcome or signup bonuses
  • Free trial for new games
  • Limited-time bonuses
  • Cashback bonuses which can be a percentage of losses
  • Points bonuses accumulated from all games played for a specific period
  • Deposit bonuses which are based on amount or frequency

Keep in mind that casinos can change bonuses and fees at any time. It’s a good idea to consult a site’s terms and conditions for their terms and conditions.

The Complete Solution 

Using an e-wallet app like BeeMoney from Beeline is convenient, safe, and fast. Customers do not need to worry about the network’s longevity. In operation since 1995, Beeline and VEON continue to improve their financial products and expand their international coverage. Beeline is the complete payment solution for over 200 million CIS customers.

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