Beginner’s Guide To IWB Gun Holsters


Today, finding gun holsters is relatively effortless. However, there is a vast difference between choosing accurate gun holsters and only looking for gun holsters. It is very significant to know the model of your weapon while shopping for a holster.

Earlier, it was tremendously arduous to figure out concealed carry as they are made of cheap or floppy leather and inexpensive fabric. Even the Glock Gun Cleaning Mat has loops sewn on the face. But things have changed now. Let’s explore this beginner’s guide to know more.

How Is A Firearm Worn?

Before carrying a holster, it is essential to know the place and the way it is to be worn. If you are carrying a gun for self-defense, you should always carry it behind the strong-side hip with a suitable draw angle for presentation. Also, you should be aware of a few terms like cant, rake, and drop for selecting good gun holsters with precise angles.

You need to check the unloaded firearm or a training tool thrice to determine the benefits of rakes and drops. You have to place your weapon at different angles in the waistbands, such as tucking it low or rising higher into the belt. It helps you in identifying the performance of your draw and angle. Also, you can begin by working with a more generic IWB holster before purchasing the customized one. Also, it is advisable to try it in-store before buying it.

Beginners Using Concealed Carry

When you begin carrying a handgun, you need to go through a certain accommodation period. A firearm that is concealed is comforting but not comfortable. Holsters like IWB isolate the hard edges of a firearm from a body. It also distinguishes the gun from clothing and perspiration.

Also, for a good holster, you need to have a gun belt with a sturdier strap, loop, and a buckle. It must be appropriate to support the handgun. It is essential to know that holsters made of leather should have heavy leather that is used in a saddle skirt, for example, a Kydex IWB Holster. Furthermore, you need to look at the welt, which is the reinforcement around the holster mouth. It should keep the mouth open and allow the re-holstering process.

Some of the holsters also provide retention devices like a thumb break snap. If you have this device in your holster, be precise to practice drawing from it. Always remember that a quality holster will provide you sharp draw and an appropriate balance of speed and retention.


Several people consider IWB holsters as their only choice. It offers comfortable carrying of serious weapons properly and keeps most of the guns under the beltline. Therefore, choosing these holsters, examine as many of them as possible. Also, never go after a cheap one because a quality product will provide your safety, accessibility, and comfort. Consider your plans and choose accordingly because each one of them will vary from one another. Select your holsters wisely.