Everything you are about read is completely and utterly (NOT) the truth, except for the bits ginned up by akrosdabay and especially tittywagon on Reddit. Herein we examinee what that Kenyan Obama Tim Cook Phil Schiller some undetermined person of importance knew and when Hillary, erm, she knew it — the iPhone 6 Plus BENDGHAZI investigation begins now.

MICHELLE BACHMAN: The sad tragedy of these millennial hipsters in their skinny jeans shocks and appalls me when the solution is so clear. With Hipster Conversion Therapy these young people can establish purpose driven lives, without skinny jeans or the oversize Obamination that is iPhone 6 Plus.

JOHN MCCAIN: The BENDGHAZI incident underscores with hipster outrage the administration’s ham handed twisting of the truther, revealing once again that it is absolutely imperative that we bomb Iran.

BENDGHAZI: The Real Truther!

Redditer akrosdabay brings the BENDGHAZI truther reality check:


When he is bending it with his bare hands, the phone shows 2:26 p.m. Then, talking about it that later claiming it has bent as a consequence of his actions earlier in the video, the phone shows 1:58 p.m. Then later when he is summarizing, the time on the phone is 1:58 – 2:00 and has a bend in it. Then it shows 2 p.m. and the phone is straight with some possible damage near the volume button.

Then Redditer TITTYWAGON delivers the coup de grace — The hoodie, glasses, backwards hat. The guy is a side-show idiot who blew it way out of proportion for YouTube views.

Don’t BELIEVE in iPhone 6 Plus BENDGHAZI? Then you’re just another fanboy, like those losers at The Verge (ie best smartphone ever) and SquareTrade (ie most durable smartphone).

And, there you have it people — bushel baskets of iPhone 6 Plus BENDGHAZI truther…

Via: BusinessInsider