Benefits of Custom Breakaway Lanyards for Hospitals and Clinics

When choosing badge accessories for your ID program, you are most likely to consider sturdy lanyards as one of the top options for displaying your employees’ IDs. While they are easy to wear, they offer a simple solution for working environments where ID cards have to be visible at all times.

But if safety is an issue at your workplace, such as in a healthcare facility, customized breakaway lanyards are your best option. Leading online stores feature these lanyards in various colors, with different attachment types. And customization can ensure they are even more meaningful for your organization and the healthcare professionals. Here are a few top benefits of these custom-made lanyard varieties that can compel you to consider them an essential part of your hospitals and clinics.

They Can Make Identification Less Challenging

When you use suitable custom breakaway type lanyards, identifying your employees at your healthcare facility is straightforward and particularly helpful in emergencies.

Reputed online dealers offer various customization options, from cord types to reel shapes, such as flat and round. Moreover, you can choose the appropriate width, attachment type, and orientation, which will allow healthcare professionals to use their IDs more efficiently.

Thus, such options ensure your employees can display their credentials perfectly, some even around their chest area, for all to identify them hassle-free.

They Offer Adequate Safety

A healthcare professional will be constantly on the move and working with various medical equipment and machines. And thus, they are at a higher risk, as their ways of working can make lanyards cause them potential harm.

You will find lanyards that pull apart when caught in a device, door, or other objects where a badge would usually get stuck, very useful in such scenarios. The safety feature ensures the breakaway lanyard automatically separates under pressure or physical stress.

Top online retailers offer lanyards with plastic and safety neck breakaway features for added safety, making them the most secure option for a hospital environment.

They Can Help Increase Security

One of the main benefits of breakaway lanyards is that you can effectively strengthen security in the healthcare facility.

According to their designations, you can decide the colors for the healthcare professionals’ lanyards they need to wear on the premises. In addition, it makes the security teams’ work less cumbersome; they can quickly identify the staff authorized to enter the facility and in what capacity.

You will find many unique color choices on online websites of leading outlets, ranging from black, yellow, to blue; it can make your decision-making process easy.

They Are Multi-purpose

In a hospital, the employees need to be well-equipped throughout their working hours. Typically, they need to have their badge, keys, and pens, wherever they go. A breakaway lanyard can play the role of a badge holder, keyring, and pen holder, ensuring they do not have to carry them by hand.

Understand the usability of the lanyards to decide the required end-fitting. Top online dealers provide options such as swivel hooks, detachable buckles, and key rings, which indeed make the breakaway lanyard varieties extremely resourceful.

They Are Convenient to Use

While healthcare professionals can wear the breakaway lanyards without the fear of the cord pinching their skin or damaging their clothes, they don’t pose choking hazards. They can comfortably manage the accessory as per their requirements.

And at times, your healthcare facility might require your employees to swipe their ID cards to gain access; a breakaway lanyard can make it a convenient action. Online stores allow you to choose the right clip type according to your needs.

You can customize your breakaway lanyard with a belt clip or carabiner if you want it only to make your swiping action more convenient. On the other hand, the lanyard clip type perfectly suits scenarios, such as when you need to use a smart card that must stay in the reader without retracting.

The Material Suits the Hospital Environment

Typically, healthcare professionals need to handle medicines and fluids while attending to patients, which can stain and wet their accessories. And their job responsibilities may often require them to do physical activities. While doing so, there are chances for lanyards made from inferior quality material to endure potential damage.

But, you can get breakaway type lanyards in durable material. They are usually stain-proof, water-proof, and can last for an extended duration without the need for replacements.

Renowned online dealers offer various options for you to select, such as polyester, nylon, and even antimicrobial, ensuring the lanyard fabrics are safe to use.

Find a Reputed Online Store

Locate a reputed online outlet that allows you to place bulk orders for breakaway lanyard varieties of your choice. While you purchase high-quality customized products for your employees, it bolsters their sense of pride in offering valuable service to the patients at your hospital.