Benefits of White Label Webinar Software

White label, or private label, is a term describing an arrangement in which products or services are produced by one company while using another company’s (the purchaser or the client) logo and other branding elements, so essentially the purchaser of the white label product can market this product as their own.

White label arrangement is certainly not something brand new in the world of business, but nowadays we can implement white label principles in the world of apps and software development, and this is where the concept of white label webinar software comes in.

A white label software enables brands to use an established, trusted app as their own, eliminating the costs and risks associated with the often lengthy software development.

What Are The Advantages of White Label Webinar Service

In the case of webinar software, we can present a webinar software and interface with our own logo and other customizable branding elements, which can help in building brand awareness and interactive engagement with our webinar audience.

Using white label software means we can eliminate the need to procure software development resources, whether it’s building your own in-house development team or outsourcing the software development process to a vendor.

Not only does building your own bespoke webinar software can be (very) expensive, it can also incur many risks and can be time and resource-intensive.

With that being said, here are the important benefits of getting a white label webinar service rather than building your own general app:

Faster Turnaround Time

Building complex software like a webinar app can take months or even years before you can actually use the software. With companies becoming increasingly mobile and connected, fast set-up is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in today’s demanding marketplace. By purchasing a white label software, we can eliminate this lengthy time associated with the software development process.

Instead, we can use this valuable time to promote our webinars, gaining more customers, and actually growing the business.

Getting Your Business Up To Speed

Using a white label app means you can present your audience with your own app, complete with your logo, brand elements, and even custom functionalities that are only yours. This can significantly boost your brand awareness and reputation, while at the same time you don’t need to deal with the typical hassle associated with the lengthy and expensive software development process.

Getting a Proven Product from a Trusted Developer

A white label webinar software from a reliable and trusted provider like Callbridge is proven and tested. Partnering with the right developer not only reduces the time to the market but also minimizes the risk of failure, and thus introducing the webinar software to your customers will be far less risky.

This is why when choosing between different white label software developers, it’s important to look at the service provider’s proven track record and whether the existing app can help in achieving your business goals.

If your provider lets you thoroughly test the webinar app, it’s going to be easier for you to figure out the level of customization that is necessary for your actual needs. Inquire what level of customization is possible with the service provider, and check whether they continuously improve their product and provide ongoing updates/bug fixes.

Highly Customizable

Another important benefit of using a white label webinar software is the granular customization options you’ll need to better align the software with your brand image.

This is also an important consideration if you plan to integrate the webinar function with your other existing infrastructure and systems, like your website, existing app, or even social media profiles.

In short, white labeling is a great opportunity to fit the needs of your client by providing a high-quality personalized product.


Typically the financial cost needed to purchase a white label webinar software is more affordable than hiring software development professionals to build your own webinar app. In turn, a white label webinar solution is much more cost-effective and will provide better ROI for your business.

How To Choose a White Label Webinar Software Provider

If you are planning to purchase a white label webinar software, then finding the right developer is very important: you’d want to find a company that can be your partner in achieving your business’s objectives, and you’d also one a company that offers a high-quality product that is up to your standards in meeting your customer’s and webinar audience’s expectations.

Consider the following:

Check the provider’s track record

Nowadays, you can easily check the provider’s reputation online. Check online reviews and review their previous clients to validate their claims (if any).

Test the webinar software

It’s best to look for a partner that already has a working webinar software product. Make sure this provider lets you thoroughly test the app, and ask what level of customization is going to be available. Check whether the software is intuitive and easy-to-use enough for your purposes.

Also, check whether they’ll continuously improve the product and provide regular software updates and bug fixes. Ask whether they are going to make customized improvements based on your suggestions.


Using a white label video webinar software can allow your business to get a personalized video conferencing and webinar app that is totally your own with your logo, brand colors, and other elements; while eliminating the costs and risks associated with software development from financial costs, lengthy turnaround time, and potential security issues.

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