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Shooter fans know how accuracy, speed and reflexes define the thin line between virtual life and death. Equally important as having a reliable keyboard and zero delay monitor is the mouse you use. Nothing can be more frustrating than the slightest jitter that wrecks a good shot and drowns all the excitement.

Getting a quality mouse is key to preventing erratic mouse cursors during play. The best gaming mouse for FPS game more than does away with the flaws, but improves performance and enhances First-Person Shooter game experiences. It can take you to the depths of Doom’s hell, through Half-Life 2’s zombies, the heart-pounding space combat in Titanfall 2, and get you out alive in CS:GO warfare.

How can you distinguish a good FPS mouse?

Accurate Sensor – Laser mice are popular for being compatible with various surfaces such as reflective or glass desks, but its tracking capability suffers. Built-in acceleration and prediction or angle snapping only interferes with FPS games. Optical gaming mice are preferable over laser sensor types, with highly responsive sensors that precisely translate hand movements onscreen.

High Polling Rate – Measured in Hz, the polling rate pertains to the time it takes for your mouse to send its location on your screen. 1 Hz means the axes coordinate every second. The best gaming mice come with 500 to 1000Hz, with axes coordinating every millisecond, which means very little delay on FPS response times.

Ergonomics –  Ergonomically designed gaming mice incorporate buttons in all the right places for fast and easy access, maximum handling and comfort. The ideal mouse shape, dimension and weight correspond with the size of your hand and the way you hold your mouse- whether fingertip, palm, or claw grip.

DPI or dots per inch – Specifications range from 200-1600 DPI. The resolution tells how sensitive your mouse is in terms of its movement. The higher it is, the longer the distance and the faster your mouse cursor can go.

Top-of-the-line Software – Mice driver software pave the way to customizations, allowing you to tinker with DPI sensitivity and have programmable buttons key-binded to particular functions. Owning devices from the same brand will make it easier to tweak and sync lighting schemes across your gaming peripherals.

Industry rivals Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries are the top choice of FPS gamers. Logitech’s G502 Proteus Spectrum packs the latest sensor Pixart PMW3366 in a 122-gram mouse with 5x 3.6g weight tuning additions. The Razer DeathAdder promises the most comfortable gaming sessions using their extremely durable 105-gram mouse. SteelSeries offers the new and improved Sensei 310, a lightweight ambidextrous mouse perfect for those on a budget.

Bottom line, you want a gaming mouse that fits your personal grip style and moves well on your gaming desk surface. It must be equipped with state-of-the-art technology and well-spaced buttons that work with the highest precision to help you nail your opponent.

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