Best Graphics cards for Gaming in 2021

High-performance CPUs with four cores and eight threads are common in most gaming programs, enabling high-speed interactions. The variety of CPU options has made it easy to perform intensive applications at an affordable cost. Whether you require CPUs for streaming, creating, or gaming- you can find excellent choices at low cost.

While single-core processors are excellent for gaming, they can deliver consistent power. There are many options of affordable single-core processors which are ideal for both high and low-intensive games. Whether you enjoy fewer intensive games like Fortnite or something as high-power like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, the single-core processor can handle the requirements.

You would notice that multi-core CPUs are becoming common in the market. This can be due to the race between AMD and Intel for producing multi-core CPUs for many applications. A combination of the best graphics card and a fast processor can help you to take advantage of fast-paced gaming. There is an increasing demand for multi-core and single-core CPUs due to the wider applications and gaming choices. This demand makes it the perfect time to sell computer CPU or to sell computer processors. Besides gaming, the processors are also useful for CPU-intensive applications.

Though you require an excellent graphics card for your gaming needs, it cannot perform well without a matching processor. Pairing an old processor with a graphics card does not do justice in terms of high-performance requirements. This makes it essential to find the best processor that can extract power from the graphics card.

Following is the list of best CPUs for gaming in terms of performance and cost.

AMD RYZEN 5 3600

This multi-threaded CPU is known for its fantastic single-core performance. It delivers great value at an affordable cost, making it one of the popular choices for heavy-duty gaming. It has 15% IPC increase over the second-gen Ryzen and Zen+, ensuring affordability in terms of mainstream gaming. If you would like to sell AMD CPU, you can check out BuySellRam. As the AMD CPU has a great review based on its high-performance capability, it is in demand for gaming, streaming, and creating content.

 AMD RYZEN 9 5900X

In terms of high-end processing, the RYZEN 9 5900X is clearly one of the best choices in the industry. It is ideal for a high-end setup with its composition of 12 cores and 24 threads. Available with AM4 socket, it has future B450/X470 chipset support, increasing its usability. One of the advantages includes the capacity to overlock so you can get power from the system. It is absolutely easy to sell AMD processors due to the value for money.

Intel Core i9 10900K

If speed is the main criteria, nothing can beat the Intel Core i9 1090K. It ranks as the fastest gaming processor, making it an ideal choice for gaming. The super-speedy CPU deserves the credit for fantastic single-core gaming performance. When you pair the processor with a high-end graphics card, you can take advantage of high-performance. It lies at the higher end in terms of cost and value. The multi-core processor has 10 cores and 20 threads. You can contact us to sell i9 CPU that has great demand in the world of gaming.

Intel Core i5 10600K

If overclocking and gaming are two right words for your requirements, you cannot go wrong with the Intel Core i5 10600K. When you pair it with a PC case for airflow, you can extract maximum benefit from overclocking. With a set of 6 cores and 12 threads, it is well known for delivering Classic Intel gaming performance. You can get an impressive MHz from this processor, making it excellent for frame rates. The value and demand for the i5 CPU only keep rising and hence now is the right time to sell i5 CPU at Inc.

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X

Many excellent factors combine together to make the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X as one of the best CPUs for top gaming performance. The first factor includes its multi-threaded performance with a total of 16 threads and 8 cores. This multi-threaded arrangement contributes to excellent gaming performance with high-speed delivery. It is comparable to Intel’s top gaming chips for consistent performance. You can sell AMD CPU since it has excellent demand among people who are looking for a reliable gaming option.

AMD Ryzen 3 3300X

In terms of affordability, value, and performance- the AMD Ryzen 3 3300X is one of the popular choices in the gaming world. This is a 3rd gen Ryzen processor with four cores and eight threads. It has great longevity as compared to most of the current CPUs for gaming. Though it may not lag behind with respect to multi-core performance, it delivers excellent output when it comes to single-core performance. When you are ready to sell AMD processor, you can reach out to us at

Whether you would like to sell a desktop CPU or you are interested to sell server CPU, we are here to help. The market for CPUs and processors is ever-expanding due to the wide range of applications. The capability and usability expand to include more demand among enthusiasts in the market.

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