So you want an iPhone 5, but are still hanging on the fence over which carrier to go with? Tapscape can help you answer the question of which is the best iPhone 5 carrier with fresh call quality data. Although almost no one will be surprised that AT&T is the worst, America’s number three carrier, Sprint, has managed to edge number one.

When it comes to fees and restrictions, the best iPhone 5 Carrier isn’t AT&T — Ma Bell is forcing iPhone users to “upgrade” to so-called shared data plans in order to use Apple’s FaceTime video chat service over 3G. Both Sprint and Verizon are more generous.

Best iPhone 5 Carrier: Can You Hear Me Now?

Whereas Verizon has by far the largest LTE network and AT&T’s 4G (HSPA+) coverage is best, Sprint does have one advantage over its bigger rivals, call quality. has conducted call quality testing using all three carriers — T-Mobile isn’t yet an official iPhone partner — and found Sprint comes out on top if only just.

Sprint: This is the winner, and the more, we listened the more we agreed. Background noise isn’t a factor, and my voice comes through loud, clear, and even a bit richer. I also noticed that Brian’s call came through clearer and louder on my end. The audio sample shows off how much better it sounds.

Verizon: [N]otice on the test call to SF that there’s distinct popping and a bit of distortion.

AT&T: You can hear the most background noise, and voice quality is perhaps the most grainy.

Yes, the testing is entirely subjective — a guy standing on a New York City street corner making calls — and, for what it’s worth, Sprint is the winner.

Another reason to consider Sprint is price as the number three US carrier can deliver significant savings over both Verizon and AT&T. If you already own an iPhone or are considering buying an unlocked (GSM) Apple smartphone, T-Mobile and its nearly complete HSPA+ network is also worth a look.

So, dear readers, who do you think the best iPhone 5 carrier is?

  1. I nearly spit my coffee out when I read this. I have been with Sprint for about 8 months and I count the days until I relieve myself from their empty promises. Unlimited data from Sprint sound good for around $80.00?? #1 there is a hidden $10.00 premium data fee, so bump that to $90.00. Premium data is laughable as even on the 3G network operation is slow and frustrating. Their 4G is non existent in most cities so buying a 4G phone is basically useless. Oh, must I forget the constant roaming is buildings or hell anything with a covering. Don’t worry that roaming is free too…I guess that’s premium!

  2. seriously, you guys know somebody who would buy an iphone just for making calls? sprint may have best call quality, but i’m not going to them just for that. their data sucks (I had them before), they’re so slow that you would think they have 2g data… noce job trying to convince people going to sprint…

  3. @google-1c947ed3ddce1fdd271468786b156bfd:disqus Sprint’s network is under a huge rebuild project called network vision. All of these issues (including 4G) are being addressed. Sprint’s 3G data is the same technology as Verizon right now…speeds are slow due to capacity issues.

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