Best Life Simulation Games 2022

Real-life can often be more frustrating than playing video games, in reality an entire genre was created with the intention of living in an avatar called Life Sim. Although still somewhat niche most life simulators have simple mechanics and simple controls appealing to both casual and main gamers without too much focus on farming; a popular example is Stardew Valley. Beloware some of the best Simulation games for 2022 that can be played using a Steam, Xbox, Wii or Mobile device.

Out of the Park 2021

The Out-of-Park Baseball series is a series focused on simulation of deep game play instead of button-pressing action. The 2021 edition, similar to that 2016 release we reviewed, is a numbers-focused, hard-core management game that holds MLB licenses as well as Major League Baseball licenses from Major League Baseball players associations. The 2019 MLB Baseball – 2021 Baseball Park Construction Guide features baseball park construction tools, 2020 rules, redesigned player cards, season tournaments, new statistics and many others. This gives you the chance to experience the on-field and front office aspect like no other before.

Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk is an interesting strategy game in which players control a small team trying to escape a cold winter storm. With human nature firmly on its deathbed there is only a chance that this group can create a community surrounded by giant coal generators. Obviously, this is the main source that heats the place. In this sequel we switch to oil instead of coal. It is necessary to hunt down other resources nearby so you can obtain the fuel needed in order to run a generator and also continue creating new jobs and useful structures for the community. Similar to the first game, there is an option to add more upgrades to the town.

Men of War II

Men of war II is a future RTS game based on the WW 2. Players are required to fight against opponents either in story-based campaigns or during heated PvP matchups throughout the game. Overall, it concentrates primarily upon the allies and the Soviet Union. This will provide a great benefit as game will get complete mod support, allowing you to keep game fresh for years. This will give players the ability to add new scenarios or content for their own use. If you finished your campaign but do not want competition in online matches then you should find some exciting, adventure-packed adventure created by other players.

Viking City Builders

Viking City Builder lets players take control over a tiny Vikings group that recently slain a European city. Players who are interested in getting settled have the responsibility of building up their own Viking village on the ground of the wreckage that the site has destroyed. It means collecting materials, choosing where to build different construction projects like longhouses and making sure your community gets good protection. Naturally there is a chance of Europe returning and attempting to take what they had previously. To make your village secure you have to create a military force to defend them.


Platform s: PC, Nintendo Switch Linux Mac Another life simulation game with farming components is Smallwood, which focuses on using retro-inspired graphics to generate nostalgia for the eight / 16. You are a hero who dies when defeating a Dark Witch. The game aims for your role to rebuild Littlewoods ruins by exploring Solemn to collect resources and recruit new inhabitants. As you explore Solemns magical forests and vibrant fishing communities and mysterious mine caves you will discover new characters as well as engage in activities including farming, fishing, and other trade activities.


Isonzo was developed by the Army in the 1940s and was built around WWI. In Italy you fight with the opposition in various scenic locations. Because the simulations are primarily simulations it has been mainly focused on enhancing historical relevance. The developers’ good luck with their wartime game has included Tannenberg and Verdu. So, it can be expected that the gameplay will be accurate in terms of uniforms, weapon, and location. Furthermore, it has been designed for wars, so that you can enjoy some online PvP games. You have to register online for the competition.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

Trucking is an overwhelmingly popular sub-genre of vehicles sims. Races and drives are certainly staples but many people prefer a weight and accurate ride on cross-country transport. Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been around for over 20 years and has made massive graphical enhancements to its main game since the game began. It offers an open-source world transport experience where the driver can travel wherever he wants, managing fuel fines and toll charges. You start off as an employed grunt who works for businesses using borrowed trucks for payment of costs.

Stardew Valley

Platforms: MACOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Linux, Mac OS X, Android, iOS. Stardew Valley combines elements from the Harvest Moon series with a graphical pixel art-based gameplay mechanic that is. ‘ You create your character in order to restore your grandfather’s farm to life through the cultivation of seeds to grow crops. It has a time cycle that entails planning activities beforehand, which can involve exploration in the mining field or talking to neighbours. You could also do some gardening or just sit at the local bar.