Best New Tablets for Gaming

With a large array of different tablets continuing to hit the market with some of the latest technology available, it can be difficult to know which of them can be trusted and are reliable to play online casino games.

Indeed, whilst many may look to compare casinos online when looking for a new one to join, there may be some that do not think about which tablet device they should look to use, with many being guilty of just using one that has been created by their favourite brands.

However, there are a number of these gadgets that can provide a top experience when playing online casino games, with some that may not have been originally considered proving to be rather good, and in some cases, better than those big-named brands.

Here are just some of the latest tablet devices, with each of them providing an experience that is of the highest level.

Apple iPad Air 2

By starting with one of the most popular tablets available in the marketplace for online casino gamers, Appleā€™s iPad Air 2 has to be considered to be one of the best available.

The device contains all of the latest technologies available, whilst it also incorporates the best software and firmware that allow for the games provided by online casinos to run effortlessly and without fault. In addition, the system – which happens to be 18% thinner than previous models – also features an A8X chip that is extremely powerful and allows for HD graphics that are perfect for gaming!

Battery life has also been significantly improved, thus allowing for longer game time!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

Samsung are likely going to be the alternative option for many who are looking at tablets and might not be able to fork out for an Apple iPad. The Galaxy Tab S 10.5, though, is a worthy alternative, as it provides online casino enthusiasts with everything they could possibly want!

It comes with a huge screen that allows for a top-quality gaming experience, whilst it also incorporates the same technology that allows for brilliant HD graphics. Furthermore, the Android platform also has a battery that is capable of lasting significantly longer than many of its rivals.

Microsoft Surface Pro

Perhaps not a traditional tablet, the Microsoft Surface Pro could be a great alternative for those that one machine that can do everything. The gadget is a portable laptop that features a bigger screen than the iPad and the Galaxy, however it can be a little heavier to carry around.

Nonetheless, it has all of the specifications that each of those devices has, whilst it also has the power to run everything that is happening in the background at the same time. However, those that want a truly mobile experience may feel let down with what the Surface Pro offers, thus making it an option that may be less desired.


When looking for the best new tablets to play casino games online, it might be worth going ahead with the Apple iPad Air 2 device, as it is a gadget that can combine all of the specifications that are desired and crucial in allowing for an exceptional user experience.

With stunning HD graphics, a battery life that has been improved, as well as all of the latest software and firmware, online casino gamers can not go wrong with it.

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