Best Strategy Games for iPad

Love a good strategy game and want one for your iPad?

Here are 5 titles you can try for 2021

Civilization VI

A longstanding series in the strategy genre, Civ VI puts you in the role of a leader of a small nation. The iPad version has a tutorial which is good for beginners.

Those who love numbers will find a lot to like here. It’s a turn-based strategy where you spend a turn creating buildings, technological advancements or weapons. You can play however you want and hopefully lead your ‘civilization’ to victory!

Any Slots Game

Online casino games require some sort of strategy- do you go all in or wait for the perfect moment? In terms of slots you just have to pull the lever and wait for a jackpot.

SLOT SSGAME350 is one of the best slot games you’ve ever tried. Best of all, it’s available on the iPad and on most browser apps.

Banner Saga 2 is a turn-based tactical combat where a good strategy is needed to win.

You control a crew of warriors and can choose from over 25 playable characters. Also, the choices you make has a permanent effect in the game world. When a character dies then he or she will no longer be available at any point. Branching storylines give Banner Saga 2 greater replayability.


Overland is another turn-based strategy game, but in a different setting. You’re a survivor in a zombie apocalypse and will need to survive to get to the end.

Players will have a hand in influencing story. It’s a real strategy game that requires careful thinking, or you could be staring at a ‘game over’ screen quickly.


Spaceland is an exclusive title on Apple Arcade. For fans of the genre, Spaceland is a must try. The clean graphics, addictive gameplay and haunting audio hooks you in and never lets go.