Best Websites for Students to Help In Education

The internet is a useful resource that students can use to learn about anything and everything. It is also on the internet where you can log on to a writing service website and say write my essay for me. This article covers some of the best websites and resources that can help you to study.

Microsoft Live Office

This is a discontinued web service that provides website creation tools and document sharing for business entities and individuals. Microsoft Live Office main services are Office Live Workspace and Office Live Small Businesses. Office Live Workspace enables you to store and share documents online for free. This is a good tool for students to use to write their assignments and also to store and save any document. Students can also retrieve the document with ease whenever they need it.


This website is a brainchild of Harvard University and MIT that learners can use from any part of the world. This study website has become a favorite of many students since its creation in 2012. This is because it is a resourceful online learning website and MOOC provider that is proving to be a goldmine for many students around the world. The website offers high-quality courses from top-ranking universities and learning institutions in the world.

Essay Writing Services

At times, a student may find themselves in a situation where they cannot write their essays or do other assignments. This is where writing services come in to offer help. Essay writing services are companies that offer students academic writing help of any kind. These entities have school helping apps that students can log on to and ask for help. Writing service charge a reasonable fee for each assignment. The companies hire professionals who are experts in various fields and this guarantees that the student gets work that is of the highest quality.

LinkedIn Learning

This is one of the best educational apps that are available to students around the world. LinkedIn Learning is an American website that offers video courses online and it is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. These courses are useful for students because the tutors in the videos are industry experts in business skills, software, and creative skills. Moreover, students can share learning goals and connect to influencers they are following across various platforms.

Google Docs

Google docs is a vital learning tool that each student should take advantage of. It is a word processor that is part of a free web-based application office suite that is in-built in Google drive. It has many useful features that students can use in the classroom. Google Docs enables students to do collaborative work in real-time, get immediate feedback on any project they are working on, and share their documents on different platforms.

Resume writing service

As you progress with your studies, there comes a time when you need to have a resume. Resumes are important documents that act as a marketing tool for your job experiences and skills set. Most students do not know how to come up with a good resume and that’s where resume writing service companies come in handy. They create top quality resumes and charge a reasonable fee for the service. They are also good at editing resume. So if you have a resume that needs editing and upgrading, do not hesitate to contact a reliable resume writing service.


This is an American learning platform founded in 2012 that offers online courses from top universities. Students can watch pre-recorded video lectures at their convenience. Coursera is a good studying website where students can have discussion forums and online quizzes. The platform also ensures that students get assignments to do to assess how well they are progressing.

Internet Archive

If you are looking for a good study help website, then you should check out the Internet Archive. This website stores original and authentic material from other websites. It provides free access to historians, scholars, researchers and all students. This platform is rich in information that students can use to advance their knowledge.

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Translate Services

Translate services offer students instant translation of phrases, words between English and many other languages. There are various educational applications that students can use to translate words. Some of these applications are:

  • Google Translate
  • Gengo: Professional Translation Services
  • Tamarind Translation
  • One Hour Translation

So if you ever come across a word or phrase that you need to translate to understand it better, try using translation services.


Are you in search of an application that you can use to get instant answers to any questions you have? Then you should check out WolframAlpha. This is an amazing computational knowledge engine that helps students to get the answer to any question that they may have. So next time you have a question that you do not have an answer to, ask WolframAlpha. If you need help with research work, log on to and let them get the work off your hands.

In this day and age, there are a lot of useful websites on the internet that students can use to get information. These websites are easy to access through your phone or your laptop. So if there is something that you have an interest in learning, log on to your computer and search for it. You can also visit some of the websites given in this article and take advantage of the information that they have.