Let me first start by saying that if you love 8-bit retro games, then you’ll love this. BetaMax is a free download on the Android Google Play Store and it is probably the most enjoyable Android game I have played in a long time.

Upon launching BetaMax, you’ll instantly be reminded of the days you used to play Super Mario, as it’s the same sideways platform view we spent many hours of our childhood trying to master.

The game is divided into levels, of which more become available as you progress through the original 7, which are unlocked at the start of the game.

beta max

BetaMax also includes social media functionality to login to Facebook to compete with your friends. It’s not necessary to login to Facebook to continue, so you have a choice if you’d prefer not to connect your account.

The games controls are extremely straight forward. By using the onscreen arrows can move left or right to walk forwards or backwards, and a single tap on the screen allows you to jump.

Jumping is something you have to do a lot of when it comes to grabbing candy goodies to boost your score. In addition, you’ll find overhead boxes that you have to jump up and hit for more points. You’ll have to collect all the candy and cookies from the level to unlock the full three stars which contribute to unlocking more levels.

It’s not all candy and happy times though, as you’ll find certain animals that will happily reduce your life in the game, and this is probably where my only criticism of the game comes – it would be nice to have an explanation of the animals that will kill you, as I found myself merrily running towards a rabbit only for it to kill me and end my awesome scoring streak.

What I love about this game is it’s so easy to just pick up and play. The 8-bit 2D levels make it a visual pleasure and the simplistic controls means you’re left concentrating on your score, rather than trying to find the buttons.

There are 21 levels with a boss at the end, and the developer says there’ll be free updates with new levels to keep you hooked.

You can download BetaMax for Free from the Google Play Store, and why wouldn’t you?

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