Betfair traderline app review

Of all the technical offerings in the betting world, there’s one Betfair sports trading app that stands out from the crowd: Traderline. Available for both iOS and Android users, this piece of software is designed to improve your sports betting prowess, as well as your overall finances. Really, but how? Well, in a nutshell, this Betfair trading app allows you to monitor live markets, analyse historical data and complete multiple transactions with a single click.

Of course, without knowledge of the sports betting world these features would be virtually useless. However, when combined with an appreciation of the daily markets, they become a hugely powerful. So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at some of the more impressive features offered by Traderline.

Ladder Interface

In order to gain an in-depth view of all of Betfair’s markets, this app can be set out in a ladder format. This layout will list all the latest fixtures and odds so that users can quickly see which options are worth betting on.

Live Scores

In order to make money from sport betting you need to stay in touch with the latest results. Through its unique system of in-play stats, Traderline is able to give users live data about the matches in real-time; something which allows punters to make profitable moves in the heat of battle.

Exclusive head-to-head stats

The best way to decide which side of the fence to invest your cash is to see how to teams/ individuals, such as Nadal vs. Murray, match up through historical data, current form and recent trends.
Betfair traderline app review

One touch betting

Making multiple bets in a short space of time is crucial to a sport bettor’s bottom-line. Fortunately, Traderline allows users to place dozens of wagers in just a few seconds with a single click. This feature allows them to capitalise on favourable market conditions without wasting time.

Stop Loss

Professional bettors can place stop loss limits on their activity in order to limit their losses. By setting certain parameters within Traderline, punters can place their bets and log-off safe in the knowledge that they will only loss a predefined amount if things go wrong.

As you can see from the handful of features listed above, the route to riches in the sports betting world is made much less treacherous with a Betfair trading app such as Traderline. The key to making money in the betting world is to compile and analyse as much data as possible and that’s something this product provides in spades.