Billed for Business Increase Productivity and Decrease Costs with Billed!

App Concept

Are you a freelancer who has a hard time keeping up with client invoices? Perhaps you’re a major retailer, distributor, or general store owner, and you need a better way to manage your laborious, conventional workflows. Either way, billed is for you! Create an online store, automate your payments and even reduce an expensively large workforce by allowing Billed to self-checkout your clients.

Billed is the business assistant that every company needs!


Get build today on the Google PlayStore for the following functionalities:

  • Loyalty programs: The best way to ensure customer loyalty is through rewards and incentives. Build a loyal market by using Billed to create a loyalty program in a few simple steps.
  • Invoice creation: Tailor a professional-looking invoice using the app and send it out to clients via the app or through SMS.
  • Employee management: Billed also doubles up as a work management tool, allowing you to assign roles to workers for better coordination and maximum efficiency.
  • Online payability: By incorporating EPOS functions, Billed enables your business to accept a variety of convenient payment methods including UPI, mobile wallets, credit cards, you name it.
  • Self-checkout: Ease the operational burden on your business by allowing clients to create, update and settle their own invoices.
  • Payment reminders: Send a notification to remind clients to settle debts and improve your business’ cash flow.
  • Contactless inventory management: Forget physical invoicing systems and the coronavirus risks they pose, and embrace Billed’s fully automatic and electronic e-billing and invoicing features.
  • Wholistic data view: data silos can crop up when working with several statements, stock reports, and ledgers. You can avoid that by unifying data on Billed, which updates this invoice database in real-time.

How the App Works

Billed offers multiple business features, including the ability to create an invoice in a few taps. Users can create an online store, and even assign specific duties to employees under them. Further, the app can be linked to an EPOS terminal, thereby integrating the gap between businesses and online payments.

Why Billed for Business is in a League of its Own

Self-checkout! For businesses struggling under the financial strains of the pandemic, yet need to maintain excellent productivity levels, that may mean drastic measures such as downsizing your workforce. With Billed’s self-checkout feature, businesses can give clients a more active role in the purchase process, thereby easing the burden on the business, while making clients feel more appreciated. Additionally, the app’s employment management features and the ability to create an online store that functions in every crucial business function is another reason why Billed stands out.

Do you need a better way to manage your invoices and workflows?

Then, download Billed for Business today!