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Bing vs Google: Which one can help you find good deals online?



Google v. Bing

“Bing vs Google” – the holy war has been going around for years now with people clamouring that their “faith in their search engine” is true. Both the search engines are powered by humongous conglomerates whereas one of them began with “search” at its core.

Google is the most popular search engine on the planet, no one could argue with that. It’s also the widely used search engine because it’s great at what it does, its simple and it’s just good. But using the best is not the mantra of every person, some like to use the service that fits their needs.

The use cases also depend on the environment a person lives in – surrounded by Microsoft products and services? Definitely, Bing should appear as the de facto for some people. But Microsoft is not ruling the roost when it comes to the operating systems; it’s still a huge player in the PC segment but hey, this is the smartphone era, majority of the people buy a smartphone rather than a desktop/laptop.

Microsoft's now CEO turned the company away from product to services. A good move.

Microsoft’s now CEO turned the company away from product to services. A good move.

Microsoft withdrew from the smartphone battle and instead it’s decided to focus on creating services. It has released its Edge browser for Android and iOS, with the hope of engulfing people into its ecosystem.

All that aside, let’s take a look at how well both the search engines perform in actual use cases. I’ll say it outright, everyone’s got a different taste and this is just my opinion. So, I did a basic search of the keyword “iPhone” and Google put the deals on the iPhone at the top, followed by news and then links to all the content on the web whereas Bing displayed the link to Apple’s official page first and then links to other pages, no sign of deals on the iPhone.

Bing on the left and Google on the right

Bing on the left and Google on the right

Personally, I prefer the Google’s way, if I’m searching about a product, I’d definitely like to know how much it costs and Google does it better by showing the deals outright. In terms of design and layout, both the search engines have evolved to look just the same.

Hey, Bing and Google can be compared in a number of way but in this article, I decided to just focus on how both the search engines display important information about a product first. You think otherwise? Let me know in the comments below.