Price: $0.99    Score: 9/10    Category: Games

Birds on a Wire by Herocraft is an arcade puzzle game for Android. Similar to the popular “Zuma”, in Birds on a Wire you shoot colorful birds from a cannon in order to make combination shots before the birds march like lemmings into the mouth of a big angry monster bird waiting for a tasty snack.

In order to free the poor entranced birds from their impending doom, you’re in control of a bird flinging cannon. In the novice mode, there are directional arrows to help you plot the perfect shot; in higher difficulty levels, you’re left to your own devices and hope that you can free the birds before they become breakfast. Of course, there are power ups along the way to help you free these cute little birds, including one particularly handy tool that stops time.

Birds on a Wire for Android features multiple game play options and difficulty levels. One of my favorite mini games shown here is similar to the myriad of “bubble pop” games, such as Bust a Move Bash for the console. Line up the color and shoot for combinations before the lemming-like birds fall from the top of the screen.

Birds on a Wire features beautifully detailed artwork that is bright and colorful and is partnered with a great soundtrack. The game is highly polished and a solid Android puzzle title. In the course of testing the demo game, I found myself lost for hours in the gorgeous levels and highly addictive gameplay.

With 50 different levels, support to play head to head across Facebook and Twitter, Birds on a Wire is a great Android game, and is offered at a cool $0.99 that won’t break the bank.

Birds on a Wire is compatible with devices running Android 2.1 and later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this Android game review.