BlackBerry 10
BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry has taken to sharing how their developers are helping customers with new applications and designs. This week, BlackBerry published a blog on how one developer is creating a Platform that makes your apps run smoother (which will be updated in future devices).

With the new BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry users are going to have the freedom to choose they have said they prefer. Because BlackBerry 10 turned out so well, BlackBerry wanted you to meet many of the developers that they are so proud of. Blogger Igazzola, from Inside BlackBerry (the official BlackBerry blog). While this blogger has interviewed several other programmers for BlackBerry, Brian Scheirer is responsible for developing applications like Work Wide (letting you use multiple applications side-by-side) as well as developing a better text messaging services, email services, and picture viewing applications.

Brian Scheirer further explained how the World Wide App will work on BlackBerry 10 devices

In a nutshell, work wide was designed to let users multitask on their screens.

Scheirer commented, “ I often find myself on a website where I need to do a quick calculation, and it’s pretty inconvenient to have to flip back and forth between and apps. I figured it would be great to have them side-by-side.”

This isn’t the only situation where such an ass as usual, like when you’re having a conversation with someone about something on the social media page or asking about something like tickets on Ticketmaster. you can also use this feature to watch a video on YouTube and do whatever you want on another page. While this feature is common on several different Android phones, it’s quite new for the BlackBerry OS.

While Work Wide was launched two years ago, many people are still receiving updates

Scherer commented that the BlackBerry Priv 4G is a great example of how BlackBerry technology continues to upgrade and update to these new program designs, with applications like camZoo and v2.0 of the same software (Work Wide).

Many users hope for a shift back to this popular OS when the software is redesigned for upcoming BlackBerry devices, hopefully optimizing the processing speed to provide smoother operation. You can read more about this blog post here.

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