BlackBerry Announces More Features (Including a Better Camera and Keyboard) on the BlackBerry PRIV
BlackBerry Announces More Features (Including a Better Camera and Keyboard) on the BlackBerry PRIV

BlackBerry is always announcing new updates and helpful tricks to maximize your use of their phones. After their recent switch to Android, they’ve been struggling to implement their own unique designs. This new update will tackle that challenge.

According to BlackBerry’s blog post today, the PRIV has been getting a huge amount of rave reviews. As one of the most popular BlackBerry phone (due in part to Android’s Marshmallow update), BlackBerry decided that it was time to implement some new features that users have been asking for.

In this article, we’ll highlight these features, advising BlackBerry users of the newest update taking place on June 6th that will change the ways that BlackBerry users do work and play on their phones.

Some of the Changes to BlackBerry PRIV Applications Include:

  1. Users will have more control over their cameras, allowing them to change shutter speeds, ISO, white balance, exposure, and focusing capabilities.
  2. There will be a lot of keyboard shortcuts added for the camera, including swiping actions to adjust settings on the camera, the A key for active settings and to return to automatic settings. Another shortcut will include pressing the space key to shoot a picture.
  3. The keyboard will be optimized for new languages (Vietnamese and Korean).
  4. Users will be able to customize the currency symbol that they use more, making it easier for different nationalities to express amounts of money.
  5. BlackBerry plans on implementing prediction and autocorrect updates to make them learn faster and be more effective for users using their voice functions.
  6. BlackBerry also plans on implementing several keyboard shortcuts for typing and adding font options (like bolding, underlining, and making phrases in italics).

Installing the New BlackBerry Update on Your PRIV

It should be extremely easy to upload the new update. All you have to do is follow the directions, download it automatically over the internet, and make sure that your phone is plugged in while it updates. If you don’t automatically get the update, you can search for it through the Google Play Store by hitting “update all.” When you get the option to start the download, just do it (even if you don’t see a progress bar). Within a few minutes, you’ll be running the new PRIV!

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