BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10

With a previous rumour putting the BlackBerry Z10 at under $200, Carphone Warehouse may have put a more realistic number on RIM’s new premium touchscreen handset, set for launch next week.

The phone was leaked by an anonymous tipster to Engadget, who had been looking at Carphone Warehouse databases on various phones. The anonymous individual must have noticed the new handset in between all the other stock.

At the price of £480, SIM-free, it seems like a good deal for what is supposedly RIM’s top handset. The BlackBerry Z10 has everything RIM has been working on this past year, including all the best performance, design and software.

We believe that RIM will unveil this phone as the top-tier device, and at £480 ($750), it seems like a top end price. The SIM-free part is quite odd, but that was stated in the other leak that declared the phone would cost $200.

These rumours should be taken lightly, considering the last week before the release is always where we will have the odd rumour that filters in between all the rest. We have heard a lot about the BlackBerry Z10, but how much of it is true remains to be seen.

In our view, a database and code number that complies with other leaks is enough to consider this leak truthful. At this rate, we may know more about the phone before its release then RIM will show at their press release.

BlackBerry 10 and the new line of smartphones will be released on January 30, a week from now.