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Are you a new blogger? And in need of marketing opportunities and new readers? Well, fear not because BlogsBunny is here to help you get the recognition you have been waiting for!.

What is BlogsBunny?

It is a UK-originated platform that allows numerous writers to gain more readers and recognition. There are hundreds of new blogs and websites being filled with articles every day, and at least half of them, if not most, are heavily overlooked.

With this platform, you can attract a larger audience and the credit you deserve by simply submitting your articles. Here’s the link to the website:

Here is another one-minute review of this superb content-sharing platform:

Some Unique Features:

1. Criteria for the Algorithm

BlogsBunny was created as a content-sharing platform and an incredibly organized one at that.

Also, they have a marvelous system to keep everything in check, so there is no misinformation and ignorant content. They don’t treat the writings as “spam” and don’t ban “self-promotion”; after all, the platform is solely for uplifting underrated writers.

2. Ranking

At the bottom of each post, you can see a bar filled with the color green to a specific extent with a percentage (e.g. 57%) written at the center.

This number is the ranking of that specific piece, about the upvotes it did or didn’t get, and the comments, etc. Their algorithm focuses on plagiarism, grammar/spell check, plus/minus votes, readability, and website reputation.


Let’s say that you’re in a cab waiting for your destination to arrive. You unlock your phone, and the next thing you know is that you’re lost browsing the countless articles on your feed, and you come upon an extremely enticing one, but you have to leave.

Of course, you don’t want to lose it, so what you can do is click on the star next to the ranking bar, and there you have a new addition to your bookmarks. You can easily access it later through the bookmark button at the top of the website.

4. New Stories Pulled Every Few Hours

To accommodate the demand for new and fresh content, BlogsBunny is designed to pull brand new stories every few hours.

Features for User-Interaction:

1. Plus/Minus Voting:

Upvotes and downvotes (plus/minus voting) essentially act as thumb-up/thumbs-down or likes/dislikes like the ones on YouTube.

Upvotes will naturally increase the rating of that article, while also contributing to the overall rank.

2. Awarding Carrots:

You can award 3, 5, or 7 carrots to any article you like. Doing this shows your support for the respective writer. It’s quite a clever relation, don’t you think? Blogs-Bunny lets you award carrots to them.

3. Personalized Feed:

You can create an account in only a couple of minutes with the simplest of steps, then you will be presented with a map containing categories (Warrens), sub-categories (Burrows), and sub-sub-categories (Rabbit Holes) of niches to choose from.

Once you start following the topics, articles relevant to them show up on your personalized feed. You can then easily browse among the ample supply and discover new and worthy creators and writers.

For example, my personalized feed was full of articles relevant to my selected niches, such as world news, mere seconds after I made an account.

You can find more articles and blogs on World News.

4. Share Articles Cross-Platform:

BlogsBunny allows you to share any article you like through a handful of platforms. Namely Twitter, Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else just by copying the URL.

How to Post on BlogsBunny:

After creating your account, you will be able to see an option that says “Submit a Post” on the taskbar at the top. After you click that, this page will appear:

Now, all you have to do is to fill out these details. Copy and paste the URL to the article that you want to submit, write the title (it could be the same or different too, if you’re going for a more alluring approach).

Lastly, choose a category through one of the three ways available. The first and the easiest one; you write the category relevant to your article or blog; for example, Business, Sports, World News, etc.

The second option, “select a category from the tree,” brings a map of the most common categories to your screen once you click on it.

While the third option will take you to the main “Warrens” page where you are guided to request a category if it isn’t available.


BlogsBunny is pretty easy-to-use and has proven to be supremely opportunistic, especially in these trying times burdening small content creators due to the global pandemic.

There is no doubt that this website has brought a 180o turn for new and under-appreciated writers and bloggers, and I do believe there is always going to be room for growth and improvement. However, I could not find any feature to point at that could be bettered in this case. It looks to me like it’s already perfect … for now, at least.

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