Bob & Botek Ice Hockey App

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What’s good, Tapscape! Today I’m reviewing Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey, which is like the name suggests a game where you play ice hockey. Now the interesting thing about this game is that Bob & Botek are two popular Czech cartoon characters, so I guess kids that are familiar with the cartoon series might want to check the game out.

Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey has been developed by Vuiss Technologies, and as I’ve had some time on my hands to check this game out let’s dive into the review right now!

Deceivingly hard

I’m just going to say this right away—Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey is surprisingly difficult for a game with such a cute allure. When you first start the game, you’ll have to complete the 30 training missions first before you can start playing in actual tournaments. Now while these training missions are very fun, you’ll certainly be busy with them for quite some time.

Using your left thumb you can use a slider stick on the screen to move your character around. While the first few training missions only let you shoot at the goal, later in the training you’ll have to actually move around the field and even tackle other players to regain control.

Colorful bunnies

Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey looks absolutely gorgeous. The graphic style stays true to the cartoon series and it gives the game a very colorful and playful vibe. Great for kids, so to say. Another great thing about Bob & Botek is that it will even let you play tournaments in multiplayer! These matches can be great fun and most of all competitive.

While completing training missions and doing tournaments you will accumulate carrots, which are the in-game currency. They can be spend on things like new costumes for the bunnies which is also a great addition to the game.

Our conclusion

Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey was a very enjoyable experience for me. The fact that the game is so hard makes it fun even for older people and the multiplayer tournaments can get quite heated, too. The game looks beautiful and there’s a lot to check out so if you think it sounds fun please don’t hesitate to check the game out!

Bob & Botek: Ice Hockey requires iOS 6.0 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad