Bounty Sports

If there’s an app that makes fantasy sports accessible, it’s Bounty Sports. Check out our Bounty Sports review and see if it’s something you might be interested in.

What is Bounty Sports?

Fantasy sports enthusiasts will have a lot to like about Bounty Sports. It’s essentially an app you can download on the Play Store or App Store that lets you play fantasy sports differently.

The fantasy sports platform holds contests where the objective is to choose which team you think will win. If you guess right, you get points, and more so if the odds are stacked against you. Over time, you accumulate fantasy points and can hit a big jackpot, which equals cash prizes.

Bounty Sports in screenshots

Bounty Sports Features

Easy to Play

Most fantasy sports apps have a high learning curve, which makes entry a bit daunting. Even when you’ve grasped the basics you’ll still need to dedicate a fair amount of your time following sports teams and players.

Bounty Sports seeks to eliminate all that and make it very easy for beginners to participate. Also, instead of having to pick players you can just choose between teams.

Daily Contests

Bounty Sports will prove to be appealing for those who simply can’t commit to fantasy sports long-term. It’s a casual endeavor, and a daily contest means you can jump in and out quickly and still have a chance to win or earn points.

Daily contests let users choose from participating teams. Pick a favorite and you earn a point when they win; on the other hand, you can choose an underdog and get more points if they win the game.

Bounty Sports in cash prizes

Lots of Variety

Bounty Sports users can check out the official YouTube video, to get a gist of the app.

In terms of variety the app has plenty to offer. You can choose fantasy MMA, soccer, golf, hockey, basketball, baseball and football and participate in any. What’s worthy to mention is that once you have enough points you can exchange them for real cash and have it sent straight to your bank or preferred financial account.

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