If you’ve always wanted to carry the fun of archery-style hunting around with you in your pocket, now’s your chance. Bowmaster is an archery game which allows you to go hunting on your phone with your own bow and arrow.

Animal lovers will be pleased to know that rather than hunting down actual prey the targets you are shooting at are meerly cutouts in the shape of actual animals.  Tagets move, and are located in scene such as by a lake and in a moutain range just as you might typically find them.

Overall I was pretty impressed with the controls of the game. The bow and arrow is controlled by two fingers, one to hold the bow up and point and the other to release the arrow. Targets move on virtual tracks, allowing you to shoot at them a few times before they exit your field of view. Most larger targets such as deer need to be hit a few times before you knock them completely over, whereas smaller targets such as ducks and pigs can often be taken down with one good shot.

The game is a lot of fun, and definitely challenging at times. Due to the two two fingers on the screen thing it was virtually impossible to capture screen shots during game play to add to the review. Check out the video below to get a feel for what you’re in for. Overall, definitely worth the $.99 investment.