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Bubble Jet Raider developed by WinnicoApp, is a side-scroller game where a explorer travels in a bubble trying to navigate a variety of crystals and unknown objects that try and stop him.

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On the main menu you’re presented with a very simple setup where you can chose to jump straight into the action or swipe to the left to see instructions on how to play. The controls are simple: control the Bubble Jet Raider with your left hand and break crystals and avoid obstacles with your right. There are three control options included in the App which include balance, swiping, or tapping.

Whilst the controls are simple, be careful to ensure your bubble remains intact at all times, as it may pop on contact at the slightest hint of a touch with an object.


The immediate impression I got of Bubble Jet Raider was the 2D graphics and how vibrant the colours are, so much so the colours of the crystals seem to pop off the screen.

The UI is incredibly simple, with your score displayed in the top left and the pause menu button in the top right.

Screenshot_2014-02-09-20-20-00 Screenshot_2014-02-09-20-20-11

Don’t let the seemingly simple concept fool you, the game is surprisingly difficult. Pop the bubble surrounding your Bubble Jet Raider and it’s game over. The further you get, the higher your score.

Bubble Jet Raider comes complete with an online leaderboard and achievements hooked into Google Play to compete with your friends.

As mentioned, I found Bubble Jet Raider quite challenging, and impossible at some points, but never-the-less, a very interesting and visually appealing offering from the developer WinnicoApp. Oh, and a special mention for the music which is very cool to say the least.

Bubble Jet Raider is available for the small fee of £0.79 from the Google Play Store.

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