Corsair One Gaming PC
The Corsair One is one of the best pre-built gaming rigs on the market. Can yours beat it?

So you’ve saved up and decided to go for it. You’re going to build your dream rig. The gaming pc that will make you the envy of all your friends. Though if your friends are the kind that will envy you, we recommend getting new friends first. But anyway, you must be super excited. Looking around for parts on Newegg probably feels like going Christmas shopping for yourself. We can relate.

But keep in mind that a little care in choosing your parts, goes a long way. Picking parts is not as simple as most people in forums make it seem. We don’t mean to scare you off. In fact, quite the opposite. All we’re saying is, there are a few things to look out for, that will get you the most out of your money. Just some guided caution, that’s all.

Parts Compatibility

An all too common newbie mistake is picking parts without checking compatibility. After you pick your motherboard, make sure all other parts are compatible with it. The motherboard is more or less, the central nervous system of your awesome gaming pc. So make sure to double check the specifications of your motherboard and your parts so they don’t have any issue with each other.

Another issue is making sure your case is big enough for your parts. People overlook the simple task of checking the dimensions for their case. They also overlook checking if the drive bays are big enough for their drives. Basically, just make sure your case doesn’t overflow, or even have too much space unused; because that is unappealing as well. In fact, you should probably use PCPartPicker to check if your rig is compatible before placing your order.

Cable Management and Lighting

No one likes looking at a jumbled mess of cables on their desk. It’s the place that you’ll probably spend most of your free time. So it just makes sense that you’ll want it to look neat and organized, rather than like a crashed spaceship with violently flashing LEDs.

Lighting is also something you want to keep in mind because you don’t want to overdo it. Assuming you want to do it at all. It’s perfectly fine if you don’t want any sort of lighting other than just a light hue around the case. Keep it simple, and keep in mind that real beauty is on the inside.

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We need more people who take cable management seriously

Rushing Things

It’s really easy to go ahead compromise on key things because you don’t have the budget. We don’t expect everyone to get the latest GTX 1080ti, but it isn’t necessarily better to go ahead and buy something subpar either. You’ll just end up disappointed in yourself for your lack of patience.

The fact that you’re reading this article means that you’re serious about gaming. You wouldn’t want to settle for a poor experience because you couldn’t stay still for a few more weeks, would you? If its the matter between saving up for a few more weeks, our advice is to go ahead and keep it in your pants and not rush it. Your wallet, that is.

Do you actually need to build it?

Don’t get us wrong. Building a gaming pc is one of the most joyous moments a gamer can have. Doing the research, making your wishlist, and checking out. These are but some of the things that swell a gamer’s heart.

But keep in mind that there are incredible gaming rigs that come prebuilt for great value. Like the Corsair One. Super simple and quiet. It’s an understated piece of machinery and doesn’t nearly get the attention it deserves. But that’s a story for another day. There are many more options if that’s the route you want to take. But if your heart is set in stone, we commend you on your bravery, and wish you a happy career in gaming.

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