Business: digitalization becomes the key to overcoming the COVID consequences

If you ever find yourself feeling down as you analyze your business’ financial results for this year 2020, try to stay positive and keep in mind that the COVID-19 global pandemic was exactly that, global, and not one single person could escape from it.

Besides, what’s the use in keeping a negative mindset and getting depressed? Something I always say is: if life was easy, wouldn’t it be boring? What I mean here is, don’t let such an external source as a global pandemic bring you down. In fact, it’s time to face up to it and show it that you can still do well no matter how bad it seems to want to ruin everyone’s lives. 

So, it’s time to look for alternatives to make your business work nevertheless the coronavirus is widespread.

To our own benefit, nowadays we’re living in the era of technology and digitalization, and these two will become your business’ new best friends. We are all aware of what e-commerces are, but let’s go through it once more just in case. It all began with sites such as Amazon or eBay, which started as simple reselling web pages and have now turned into huge commercialization monsters. The way in which these companies grew led other smaller businesses to turn on their light bulbs and realize the immense opportunity they had laying right in front of their eyes. And that’s when the first’s online stores started popping up. Famous clothing brands, sports shops, and even supermarkets could all see this opportunity and decided to open an online shopping channel for their business. 

And we’re even talking about years ago already, to this day it’s already impossible to even think of a business not having an online shopping option, so if this is the case for your company, then start working on it now, if not yesterday.

Digitalization has even reached as far as the cannabis seeds bank industry, where medical or recreational users can easily purchase a pack of seeds right through each brand’s website and receive it at their own home. Although this is strongly tied to the legal context of each country, even buying some of the top 10 strongest autoflowering strains has now become a matter of easy access after the latest technological advancements.

If you want your business to succeed even while the worldwide catastrophe is still going on there are a couple of aspects you will need to make sure you comply with. The first one, well, having an e-commerce platform, obviously. In the second instance, you need to level up your digital media game, and what we mean is, get yourself a community manager or anyone to take charge of your company’s social media accounts. Social media are the mice traps for consumers nowadays, it’s all going on there: socializing, flirting, networking, and consuming. 

One last advice is to keep yourself up to date on the latest trends to make sure you’re never left behind against your competitors. Think big and try to find ways to catch the public’s eye, but in a good way, please. 

We hope this article served you both as a motivation and inspiration to spice up the digitalization of your business.