Cartogram Indoor Maps

Cartogram is an innovative Android app that works like an indoor extension on the popular Google maps platform. Aiming to provide the most comprehensive indoor maps available, Cartogram is designed to help you find what you’re looking for once you reach your destination.

The app functions in a very similar fashion to Google Maps, and the interface and control gestures are essentially the same – it all feels very familiar. Rather than being a drawback or indicating a lack of originality, Cartogram simply builds on an already successful model and makes the application instantly accessible.


The user experience in Cartogram is similar to that of Maps, except instead of roads and city blocks you’re looking at levels at the local Mall or the location of individual stores. You can pull up detailed maps of malls and shopping centres, drop pins on your destination and even get turn-by-turn directions. The maps in Cartogram are highly detailed, clearly labelled, and easy to navigate.


But Cartogram isn’t just for finding stores. One of the most innovative parts of the app is the search function. You can hunt down individual products within a shopping mall, with Cartogram providing both the location of the item and its price. If the product is relatively common and can be found in multiple stores, the app is able to find you the cheapest or the closest. It makes the entire shopping experience more streamlined and helps to cut down on wasted time spent looking for hard-to-find items.

cartogram-3 cartogram-2

In addition to indoor mapping and product search, Cartogram also has a social feature. You can share your location with friends or family from within the app so that they can easily locate you inside a mall or other building. This works best if they also have the app installed, but if not then they’re given a link which pinpoints your location on a Google map.

Cartogram is a free download on Google Play and a very handy addition to your mobile applications. Catering to the need to continue path-finding once arriving at a destination, Cartogram provides high quality maps, excellent product search & pricing as well as personal location tools.

Cartogram requires Android 4.1 and up