Lucky Fighter iPhone Game Review

Price: FREE    Score: 8.5/10     Category: Games

Lucky Fighter, developed by Hiccup Studio, is the perfect iPhone game for anyone who just can’t get enough Rock Paper Scissors in their life.

Pairing the classic hand game with potions, cute graphics, and a veritable army of opponents, Lucky Fighter is good brainless fun for anyone in need of a new time waster.

Customize the face of your character and gear up for the most epic battle of Rock Paper Scissors you’ve ever had: 100 bad guys are lined up, just waiting for a chance to beat you down.

Every time they land a hit, your HP takes a beating. Too many hits, and you’re out for good. Thankfully, there’s a whole pile of potions and restoratives at your disposal to make sure you can hold out til the bitter end.

The character and environment design are great, with a comics-inspired look and slow-mo for some of the iPhone game’s more dramatic moments. It’s got a cool look that doesn’t add much to the gameplay, but does make the whole experience more thrilling.

The gameplay is such that you can easily pick up and play for a few minutes to kill time while waiting for the bus, or veg out on the couch and have an epic, languorous gaming session. That diversity makes it a go-to game in any situation.

Like to socialize your gaming? You’re in luck: there’s Game Center support, plus an easy way to Tweet your high scores and call out your friends. Plus, you can create still, sharable images of your fighter, with your face superimposed on top, against a variety of backgrounds. And if you can actually beat all 100 enemies, there’s no reason not to tell the world.

Lucky Fighter is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

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